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10 Quick & Easy Ways to Get More Repins & Followers on Pinterest


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and its true, however success on Pinterest or any...

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How Social Media Can Impact And Shape The E-Commerce Landscape?

Find out how social media can impact e-commerce landscape

Top 4 Essential Mobile Apps to Monitor Your Blog Success

Blog success is one of the cornerstones of business in this century. Here’s an article on the same and the 4 tools that will help you achieve it.

4 Old School Marketing Tactics That Still Work On Social Media

There will always be new
trends in the world of digital marketing, but that doesn’t mean you should
overlook old school methods. These tricks are still popular for a good reason –
they work! Whether you are putting together a magazine ad, a radio commercial,
or a social media post, some strategies never go out of style.


Let’s take a look at 4 tactics
that still yield results.

Tactic #1: Get Endorsements from Authorities &

It’s human nature to play
“follow the leader” when it comes to making buying decisions. When we notice
that someone we admire is endorsing a product or service, we sit up and …

5 Clever Strategies for Greater Instagram Exposure

5 Clever Strategies for Greater Instagram Exposure

We know the power of video marketing.
More people are getting access to devices and networks that allow them to
consume more video content. The leading video marketing platforms receive and
send a lot more traffic than the search engines. Instagram can be a great way
of receiving highly-targeted visitors.

To get the best of the traffic and conversions from Instagram, you have to make many followers. You also have to
master how to maximize Instagram likes for more engagement. The more you get engagements on your Instagram, the more leads you generate on your account for your business.

How to
Maximize Your Instagram Exposure:

Instagram released their algorithm
in …

6 strategies to double your social media following

6 strategies to double your social media following

Find out 6 strategies to double your social media following now

7 Social Media Tips to Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

Here’s the compiled list from Kristin Savage on the top 7 social media tips to step up your marketing strategy

How to curate your Instagram aesthetic and create a brand identity

How to curate your Instagram aesthetic and create a brand identity

Do you know that Instagram aesthetic is effective in establishing your brand? Do you want to learn how to use your Instagram aesthetic to create a brand identity?

Instagram is proving itself to be a force to be reckoned with in establishing brands. According to HootSuite, Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users, and not to mention the highest interaction rate of any social media platform at 2.2 percent per follower.

Here’s a real-life example from Jumper: McDonald’s posted a video of a sizzling hamburger on both Facebook and Instagram. In four hours the company’s 64 million Facebook followers …

10 Reasons Your Influencer is Turning Away Customers

You need to make sure what kind of influencers you choose when you want to bond with your customers

Cross post to Pinterest from Instagram with Viraltag

How to cross post to Pinterest from Instagram

This week Pinterest launched a feature that lets businesses increase their visibility online and potentially boost their monthly viewers – It’s called ‘Account Claiming’. For those of you who use Pinterest avidly to promote your websites, you’re probably already aware of the existing ability to claim your website. Pinterest has now extended this to include Instagram, YouTube and Etsy accounts as well!

For the purpose of this blog post, we’re going to talk about how you can claim your Instagram account and auto-publish your Instagram posts to Pinterest as well, with the help of a scheduling tool like …

How to Promote Your Service-Based Business on Instagram

How to Promote Your Service-Based Business on Instagram

Too often, marketers and marketing strategists speak of social media in too nebulous terms. The different platforms all draw different audiences and require a content strategy that targets our ideal avatar on that platform. This is true whether you are selling business consulting services, time management training services, or any other type of service, online or off.

Your ideal buyer displays different behaviors and interacts with content differently on all the various social platforms. This is why we want to spend some time today talking about just one specific platform: Instagram.

What are the special considerations you need to make …

Viraltag is now a Pinterest Marketing Partner!

Viraltag is now an Official Pinterest Marketing Partner

We’ve been working closely with Pinterest over the last two months to implement this, and we are super duper excited to announce that we are now a Pinterest Marketing Partner!  

This badge means Viraltag is a Pinterest approved Content Marketing Partner: Pinterest has thoroughly examined our tool and recommends Viraltag to help brands make the most of Pinterest. From campaign process, curating content and publishing Pins to measuring success, our tool has been deemed to cover them all!

Why should you use a Pinterest Marketing Partner approved tool like Viraltag?
1. Better Pin Performance

Content Marketing Partners like Viraltag provide detailed …

15 of the Best Free Stock Photo Sites to Use in 2018

15 of the Best Free Stock Photo Sites to Use in 2018

Visuals are the power force of your content marketing campaign. You know it, and you use them pretty often whenever you promote articles, products, and services.

The problem is: it can get quite pricey for you to create strong visuals for each piece of content. That would mean hiring a professional graphic designer or photographer, or purchasing photographs online.

This is where free stock photos come in handy. Yes; they can look cheesy when you opt for the most obvious and most common pick. When you choose carefully, however, free stock photos can pretty cool. You can modify them, so you’ll add …

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