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5 Tools To Use To Manage Your Instagram Account

If you are starting to take Instagram more seriously, you’re not alone. More brands are spending more time on Instagram and seeing better results than nearly anywhere else on the web.

Not surprisingly, many services have popped up to help you better manage your presence there. If you’re looking for support, here are five tools to try out and how they stack up.

Instagram tool chart compare 1.001

Sprout Social

Scheduling: Sprout Social does not offer Instagram scheduling.

Engagement: Limited engagement directly on Instagram. Respond to comments posted to your Instagram features directly from your Sprout Social dashboard.

Image Creation: Sprout Social does not offer image creation tools.

Image Optimization: Sprout Social does not offer image optimization tools.

Analytics: Sprout Social provides basic analytics (comments and # likes) to help you improve your content.

Collaboration: Work with a team to manage a single account. You can add as many Instagram accounts as you like and manage them in the same place.

Pricing: The Deluxe plan is $59 per user/month and allows up to 10 profiles (Sprout Social is integrated with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+). The Premium plan is $99 per user/month and allows up to 20 profiles. The Team plan is for 3 team members for $500/month for up to 30 profiles.


Scheduling: No publishing or scheduling.

Engagement: Limited engagement directly on Instagram. Like posts, add and respond to comments posted to your Instagram photos directly from Iconosquare. You can also send private messages.

Image Creation: Iconosquare does not offer image creation tools

Image Optimization: Iconosquare does not offer image optimization tools.

Analytics: Iconosquare provides basic analytics (comments and # likes) to help you improve your content.

Collaboration: You could share your account with other members of your team, but there are no team workflows available.

Pricing: Free


Scheduling: Publish and schedule to Instagram from Latergramme, by going through the Latergramme Instagram mobile app.

Engagement: You can’t like and comment on posts in Instagram, but you are able to find and re-gram photos directly from Latergramme.

Image Creation: Latergramme does not offer image creation tools.

Image Optimization: Latergramme does not offer image optimization tools.

Analytics: Latergramme does not offer any analytics.

Collaboration: Latergramme offers team workflows for 2 people in their premium version.

Pricing: Free to post 30 posts a month and connect up to 2 Instagram accounts. Premium for $16/month — connect 2 Instagram accounts, 2 team members and 250 posts/month.


Scheduling: Publish and schedule to Instagram from Hootsuite, by going through the Hootsuite Instagram mobile app.

Engagement: View your followers and posts in feeds, and monitor specific hashtags or keywords. However, you are not able to like or comment directly from Hootsuite.

Image Creation: Hootsuite does not offer image creation tools.

Image Optimization: Hootsuite does not offer image optimization tools.

Analytics: Hootsuite does not offer any editing features to improve your image before you post.

Collaboration: Hoostuite offers team workflows so you can collaborate with your team, but maintain a single editor to approve posts before they are scheduled.

Pricing: Free for up to 3 social profiles (Hootsuite is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+). The Business plan start at $9.99/month for 50 profiles. The price increases to add more accounts and more team members.


Scheduling: Publish and schedule posts directly to Instagram using the Viraltag Instagram mobile app.

Engagement: Monitor hashtags and keywords, and view your own account. Viraltag does not offer the ability to comment or like directly to Instagram.

Image Creation: Create original designs and visuals to share in Viraltag using Canva.

Image Optimization: Viraltag offers basic editing features so you can crop your images, add filters and text before posting.

Analytics: Viraltag does not offer analytics for Instagram at the moment.

Collaboration: Add as many Instagram apps as you like. Team workflows are available in the business plan, enabling a team to contribute to the same account, with an editor giving approval rights.

Pricing: Pro plan is $29/month and allows for up to 10 social profiles (in addition to Instagram, Viraltag supports Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn) and unlimited posting. The business plan is $99/month and allows up to 25 social profiles and team workflows for up to 3 team members.

Jilly Badanes

Director of Marketing @ Viraltag

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