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Scheduling to Instagram? Hootsuite Vs. Viraltag

That’s awesome you’re taking Instagram more seriously. We are as well.

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If your plan to take it seriously includes making a plan for your Instagram posts and scheduling them in advance, you now have choices.

We took a look at two of your best choices. Here is how Viraltag stacks up against Hootsuite.

Can I schedule directly to Instagram?

Hootsuite ✓

Viraltag ✓

You can schedule posts directly to Instagram through Viraltag and Hootsuite. Both Viraltag and Hootsuite require the same steps to post, involving their own mobile app. When a photo is scheduled, the user receives a notification on their phone. The user is required to click the notification and click the photo to be shared to Instagram. In Instagram, the user must paste the caption (which both apps automatically copy) and hit share. (Check out this video for an illustration of how Viraltag scheduling works).

Can I edit the photo before I schedule?

Viraltag ✓

Hootsuite ✗

On Viraltag you can make any edits to the photo before you hit schedule. Resize, add filters, and add text before posting. Hootsuite does not offer a way to edit photos.

Can I use it to search on Instagram?

Viraltag ✓

Hootsuite ✓

Both Hootsuite and Viraltag offer search features. On Hootsuite you can add a feed for specific search terms or hashtags to monitor conversations. On Viraltag you can search hashtags or keywords in a similar way.

Will it help me find photos to post?

Viraltag ✓

Hootsuite ✗

Viraltag’s Discover feature offers a few options for you to find photos to share on Instagram. Search user generated content and royalty free sources by keyword or category. You can also pull in feeds from your own blog or website, or another site you have permission to post to Instagram.

Can I use Instagram with a team?

Viraltag ✓

Hootsuite ✓

Both Hootsuite and Viraltag offer team workflow features. Contributors can add content to be posted and an editor can give final approval to schedule.

Can I manage my Instagram account along with other social network accounts?

Viraltag ✓

Hootsuite ✓

Both platforms offer users the ability to manage Instagram alongside their other social media accounts. But they have integrations with different accounts.

You can use Viraltag with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

You can use Hoostuite with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Viraltag Vs Hootsuite Instagram

Let us know what you choose and why. We’d love to hear your reviews of either product.

Click here to start scheduling to Instagram with Viraltag.

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