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What the Google-Twitter Deal Means For Your Visual Content

Google and Twitter are together again.

In separate blog posts today, Twitter and Google announced users will begin seeing Tweets at the top of their Google searches. Just on mobile (ios and android) to start, with a desktop rollout expected to follow.

Search for a person or a hashtag and relevant Tweets and Twitter accounts will appear at the top of your browser. Give it a try yourself, we did.

Here’s what happened when we searched for “Letterman” earlier today: 

We’re especially excited about this change because of the potential implications for visual content. Not only do Twitter users now have a chance …

An Advanced Guide to Increase Followers for Fashion Bloggers

“The great thing about fashion is that it always looks forward.” – Oscar de la Renta

Fashion is an ever evolving thing. Fashion is always looking forward and the same is expected from the ones who write about it and celebrate it. We’re talking about you: a fashion blogger. But being a fashion blogger is a tricky job. Everyone has a different tastes, which makes it even more difficult to build followers for your fashion blog. Building audiences in social media is critical for any fashion blog.

That’s why we’ve created this extensive guide just for fashion bloggers. We hope this helps you to increase your followers on …


Insanely simple hack to 10x your Twitter shares

At Viraltag, we keep on experimenting with our content marketing efforts to make them even better. During this time, we were lucky to stumble upon some nice hacks. We wanted to share those hacks with you, hoping they would help you bloggers and marketers as well. So, we are starting a blog series ‘Grow your biz with Viraltag’.


Our first post of this series is rather a short one on how we massively increased Twitter shares by using Twitter’s Pinned tweet feature with an image attached to it.

What is Pinned Tweet

You basically pin one of your tweets to the top …


58 places to promote your visual content for free

This  October, I was hired as a consultant to look after the content marketing efforts of Viraltag. I published my first post: 33 apps for creating stunning visual content

And then it was time to promote it. First 3 days I promoted it on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. The performance was dismal. 150 odd reads in first 3 days. Even the places I expected would bring some traffic didn’t fare well. I was worried. After all my job was at stake.

I had made a list of places to promote the post. So, after trying out the promising places …