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10 Quick & Easy Ways to Get More Repins & Followers on Pinterest


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The 8 Smartest Ways To Launch A Pinterest Business Account

8 Smartest ways to Launch a Pinterest Business Acount

The 8 Smartest Ways to Launch a Pinterest Business Account

As a Pinterest consultant I am always looking for ways to help; businesses, bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs maximize their results on Pinterest because I believe it is a phenomenally powerful business acceleration tool.

In the weeks and months to come I’ll be sharing powerful, proven, money making “how to” Pinterest tips, news and case studies on Viraltag’s blog. Join us here regularly to learn more about how to rock Pinterest!

1. Businesses today are overwhelmed with social media marketing platform choices.

2. Too many seem to think that if they are on Facebook and Twitter that they are “covered”.

3. However, there is a powerful new trend exploding on the internet and its here to stay. It’s called Pinterest.

Three quick facts about visual content:

  1. Visual content dominates the internet and it is full speed ahead!  300 million photos are uploaded on Facebook every day and by acquiring Instagram they confirmed the dominance of visual content.

  1. Etsy and DIY art and crafts giant gets 100,000 pins daily on Pinterest.

  1. Increased ownership of mobile devices containing cameras means that many consumers can snap an image whenever they want and easily share it to a world-wide audience via social media, email or text. Images are the most shared and tweeted links on Twitter.

Five facts prove visual content’s winning appeal [by MDG Advertising]:

1. content accompanied by compelling images receives 94% more total views on average compared to content without images

2. 67% of consumers consider clear, detailed images to be very important and carry even more weight than the product information, full description, and customer ratings

3. 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business whose images appear in local search results

4. 37% increase in engagement is experienced when Facebook posts include photographs This is consistent with research by Dan Zarrella of Hubspot.

5. 14% increase in page views are seen when press releases contain a photograph (They climb to 48% when both photographs and videos are included)

Are you rocking visuals (which means Pinterest) in your on line marketing efforts?  If not….what are you waiting for?

Here eight steps for getting your business launched on Pinterest:

1) Create a free Pinterest business account. If you have a personal account with a large following then consider converting it to a business account. Watch this video to set-up your Pinterest business account.

2) Make sure you verify your website. What that means to you is that you will receive Pinterest’s free analytic reports which provide you with information about:

  • What types of content people are pinning from your website

  • Who is seeing your pins

  • Who is clicking your content

Remember marketers to track and measure the results of your efforts. If something is working you want to keep at it.  If something is not, you want to change quickly to avoid wasting time and money.

Check out ViralTag’s free trial of their tracking tool. No credit card required which I love! Tracking and measuring is critical for greater ROI from Pinterest investments. Viraltag’s analytics will show you clearly if what you are doing is; a huge success, so so, or if it’s a flop. 

Before you start your Pinterest campaign establish metrics that are associated with your business goals. I track my results regularly to see if all the work I am doing in my social media marketing efforts is paying off.

3) Promote your Pinterest profile by embedding a Pinterest button  on your website and blog.

4)  Make your website or blog is Pinterest friendly by adding a “Save” *(Called Pin it earlier) button; directly onto your product descriptions and blog images. Adding a Save button will help you attract new visitors to your company website and product pages.

“Save” button got tremendous results when eight of Pinterest’s top 10 retail brands prominently displayed a “Save” button. Brands like Ikea and Target generated nearly 1 million shares (aka pins and repins) from their website! WOW!

5) Add your Pinterest URL on your LinkedIn profile.

6) Add a free Pinterest tab on your Facebook page by going to

7) Use a free tool like to add Pinterest to your email signature box. 

8) Add your Pinterest URL on your business card, stationeries, newsletters and all your marketing print materials.

When you employ these eight steps you will be well on your way to growing your list of Pinterest followers and in turn growing your sales.

Over to you…

Have you added Pinterest or a Pinterest scheduling tool to your marketing mix? If not, what’s holding you back?

If Pinterest or Pinterest analytics seems overwhelming to you and you feel like you are going around and around in circles and not getting anywhere, contact me to learn more about my Pinterest Marketing Course for Business or my account management services.

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