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How do you really know if what you’re doing on Pinterest is working?

How do you really know if what you're doing on Pinterest is working?

How do you really know if what you’re doing on Pinterest is working?

In my last blog post I mentioned that one of the most important activities on my checklist is finding out which of my boards are doing well and which ones are flat.

Why is that important?

It is important because I want to know if I should continue with my current Pinterest marketing plans or if I need to change my tactics.

Put it this way. If you’ve ever been on a diet and most of us have, you would most likely follow a meal plan and then you would weigh yourself regularly to see if you were making progress…if the meal plan was working?

Weighing scale
So why wouldn’t you track your Pinterest efforts & performance the same way?

Pinterest is no different; if you want to drive more traffic and sales to your website checking the results of your efforts regularly is an important item to have on your checklist.

There are several metrics I follow to help me determine what type of boards and images to create and what types of boards to delete and get rid of.

Here’s what I check regularly when I’m managing my own Pinterest account and when I am managing accounts for other businesses. Also included is an explanation about why I track these specific metrics.

1) Number of followers on each board (from the most to the least)

This tells me the kind of topics pinners want, love and find most helpful.

If you have boards that aren’t performing well you could try 3 things:

a. Give it a better board cover board; display the image with the highest number of repins.

b. I’m extremely particular about how you should arrange your boards. I won’t get into

detail about that here but if it fits with your overall design and strategy move that board a little higher to give it more attention.

c. Have you fully optimized your board title and board description? It could be why you’re not ranking high enough on Pinterest’s search engine. Did you know that Pinterest boards are indexed by Google? So it’s important that you give it SEO juice!

After three months if you’re still not getting any followers I recommend you delete your board. Just know if you delete that board that you will lose those followers.

2) Viraltag shows me my most viral board to the least (the highest number of repins gained)

Repin tracking with Viraltag

This tells me if they like the content I’m pinning on a board.

3) Top repins on each board (which pin received the most repins)

This tells me to keep creating more of this type of content.

Viraltag doesn’t show me which pins received the highest repins from each board however it does report on what my top 10 repins were from the last 7 days. Naturally I can tell by the pins what categories they belong to so I am still satisfied with these metrics.You can also customize the date range too.

Most engaging pins

4) Top Repinners (Pinterest users repinning from Pinterest)

This tells me who I need to engage and reciprocate by repinning their content as well. I also make sure I thank them for repinning my content especially the top ten.

I also look at their profile closely to see if they are my target audience.

5) Brand advocates (pinners pinning from a website and/or blog)

These are my serious followers that have the potential to be influencers especially if they have a large following.

I make sure I follow them. There was one exception when I didn’t follow a pinner because their account was mostly content that Pinterest would want to probably shut down.

6) Best day to pin & best time to pin

This tells me when I should schedule my pins and repins. Timing holds a lot of weight on Pinterest. You can have the greatest images but if you’re pinning when your target audience is not on Pinterest then all that hard work creating those pretty images won’t matter one bit.

Viraltag is working on  metrics for # 4 – 6. I’ll keep you posted when it becomes available.

Do you see how valuable it is to track your metrics? Pinterest offers basic analytics but they are too basic and you still have to count the metrics manually. Who can afford to do that? Remember that time is money so use it wisely.

Over to you…

Do you track your Pinterest results? If so how has it helped you?

What can I do to help? If this is overwhelming for you and you feel like you are going around and around with Pinterest and not getting anywhere contact me to learn more about my Pinterest Marketing Course for Business.

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