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8 Reasons Why Ignoring Pinterest Group Boards is a Costly Mistake

8 reasons why ignoring Pinterest Group Boards is a costly mistake

Pinterest Expert Shares 8 Reasons Why Ignoring Pinterest Group Boards is a Costly Mistake

I hear these same two questions over and over:

  1. How do I create more content because I simply don’t have enough images?

  2. What’s the fastest way for me to build my followers?

Unfortunately many businesses go on Pinterest without having a plan of how they want to achieve their goals on Pinterest. The good news is regardless of what your goals are on Pinterest you need to do two things to get more content and followers:

  1. create a group board

  2. join a group board

So you’re thinking what is a group board? A group board is a board that you and other people that you invite, can all pin on the board together. Group boards are easily identifiable because you will see a symbol of a group of people next to the board title.
Group boards on Pinterest

Why should you use group boards? Because there are 8 benefits for your business:

  1. increased exposure & visibility especially when you invite a pinner that has a huge Pinterest following

  2. increases your number of followers immediately

  3. it brings people together creating a sense of community

  4. you have others contributing content which saves you time and energy

  5. you elevate the pinners to the role of brand ambassadors which their followers will take note of

  6. gives you insight into what pinners want & need by analyzing which images your followers engage with the most

  7. helps you determine future marketing initiatives and product development

  8. helps make your brand appear more approachable

Let me explain something about point #2. Technically the number of followers does not show up on your number of “Followers” but what happens is that every pinner that is following a board that you belong to gives you immediate exposure to their followers. It’s like having a gym membership.  You may not be the owner of the gym but the gym members see you every time you come in to workout. So every time you add a pin to that group board they see you! If they see that you’ve been adding valuable content to the group board they will most likely check your account with one simple click and see what other boards you have too. Do you see how powerful that is? If they like or need any of the items on your boards they will follow you and when they do your number of “Followers” increases!

  • group boards help you build content

  • group board help you increase followers

Now that you can clearly see the benefits let me show you how to create a group board.

Creating a group board is no different than creating a regular board. The only difference is that once you invite a Pinterest user to your group board and they accept your invitation, it automatically becomes a group board.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to the board and click Edit

How to create a group board

  • Type in the name/email ID of the contributor you want to invite, and click on ‘Invite’How to create a group board
  • Click his/her name once it loads

  • Repeat for any other people you’d like to add

  • Click Save Changes

Things to keep in mind : If you invite someone to a group board have at least 10 images. Make wise choices about which group boards to join. Don’t just join for the sake of joining because you think more people will follow you. Choose boards that your target audience is engaged in.

Here are two websites that will help you find the most popular group boards to join:

If you’re looking for group boards on which to share your Pinterest tips check out these three:

One of which is mine and it ranks very high on those sites.

Bottom line is that you have to have a group board and join one. It’s the easiest and quickest way to give your Pinterest page more exposure, content and followers.


What has been your experience with group boards?

If this is overwhelming for you and you feel like you are going around and around with Pinterest and not getting anywhere contact me to learn more about my Pinterest Marketing Course for Business.

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