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A New Study: How To Sell More With Pinterest

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Pinterest Management Expert Reveals New Study: How To Sell More With Pinterest

With the upcoming holiday shopping season prevalent in the minds of many shoppers you want to make sure you’re doing all you can to harness the power of Pinterest to get those shoppers to your ecommerce site.

As more and more consumers are turning to their social networks such as; Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for shopping ideas, these platforms, especially Pinterest are playing an increasingly larger huge role in influencing purchasing decisions.

As a business if you are not using this visual platform successfully you are falling behind the times and very likely losing sales.

According to market research firm Lab42, they found that 54% of Pinterest users spend their time during the holidays sharing ideas and pinning holiday preparations. This has translated into online retailers tripling sales during Cyber Monday and doubling them on Thanksgiving according to a report by Piqora.

According to a new study by DataPop and the Kenshoo Social Commerce Index (SCI) it highlights what leading retailers are doing in social commerce:

1. Image plays a critical role in capturing the consumer’s attention. However, in order to actually reach that customer you need to optimize your pin descriptions with relevant information. So, as an example, if you’re in the fashion vertical and want to rank high in Pinterest’s search results and get browsing shopping to click on your boards include; what the product is, the color and what material the item is made from.

Pinterest Expert Actionable Tip: When crafting pin descriptions think about what Pinners might be searching for and include those important details about the image. More importantly think about how your product can help your ideal target audience? For example, if you’re selling a scarf how many ways can they use that scarf? Is it an ideal scarf that can be worn from the office to a night out in the town? Is it a silk scarf that doesn’t require dry cleaning? Help them visual how the product can be used in their everyday lifestyle.

2. Product pins lead the charge on engaging consumers. Over 70% of the most engaging pins are those that focus on a specific product but retailers are only posting 7.2% of their top products.


Pinterest management tool

Product images that have an authentic setting meaning “lifestyle images” versus a white background drive 159% more likes and repins. Look at how the image on the left above received more engagement than the one on the right.

Pinterest Expert Actionable Tip:

  • I recommend you use around 800 x 1200 pixels for the image size which is also the ideal size when sharing images in other socials.
  • Pinners are in a buying mindset when they’re on Pinterest especially during the holiday season so create “Gift Wish List” boards that highlight your products.
  • Encourage your customers to share photos of themselves wearing your products and share them on Pinterest.

3. Product Rich pins drove 20% more engagement per pin than those without the rich pin integration. Sadly, a whopping 60% of products on Pinterest have not employed this feature. Rich pins include current pricing details and a direct link to your product page.

In addition, according to Anna Majkowska, a software manager on Pinterest’s search team, Rich Pins rank higher in Pinterest search. They are also more visible in Pinterest users’ smart feeds and therefore have a higher click-through rate.

The image below shows Product Rich pin on the left and the image on the right without the Product Rich pin.


Pinterest management tool

What’s really cool about the Product Rich pins is when the price drops by at least 10% Pinterest notifies the Pinner on your behalf automatically that there’s been a drop in price! That’s free email marketing right there!

Pinterest Expert Actionable Tip: Get your Product Rich Pin now.

While you’re waiting for Pinterest to get this approved add prices to your pin descriptions. According to Wishpond pins with prices get 36% more likes.

The study from DataPop and Kenshoo also identified that the greatest challenge retailer’s face is identifying which team should manage their commercial aspect of social media management.

After all, social commerce is not purely transactional and retailers have to find a way to develop a strategy that will satisfy the consumer’s experience of both discovery and direct shopping.

Bottom line if you have not integrated Pinterest into our social commerce you are falling behind the times and as a result giving more power to your competition.


Over to you

Have you integrated any of these tips? If so what were the results?


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New Study : How to Sell MORE with Pinterest

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