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Visual Content Publishing Checklist – Run this Before you Hit “Post”

Visual Content Publishing Checklist!

We should all know by now that visual content is important. It improves engagement, shares and conversions on your posts.

In fact, content with relevant images gets 94 percent more views than content without. The original study from content platform Skyword came out in 2011 showing that this has been true for some time now.

Below you can see that views on articles with images on average between 25-125% more views!

View Increase Based on Images

So if you’re not making visual content, you better start. Here is a list of resources on how to create awesome visual content, and here is a list of places to share it.

The Checklist

But before you go off and share your visuals across the internet, here is a checklist you (or your team) can use when publishing your visuals. Following a publishing process is important to ensure your visual content looks awesome everywhere and represents your brand in the post possible way.

Run this checklist every time you publish a piece of visual content for maximum impact and virality.

If you’re viewing this by email, click here to see the checklist.

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