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15 best social networks for viral marketing in 2015

2014 has been a hyper active in terms of social media marketing. Seems like 2015 will be even more exciting.


92% marketers agree that social media has generated more exposure for their businesses this year. It has also become a primary source of data to understand customer behavior. This indicates that social media marketing is only going north.

Rise of new social networks

Facebook ruled the social media space for last couple of years. It had became go to place for small and large businesses to put their product and services in front of large targeted audience.

But Facebook’s growth has been stagnant recently, which is only natural given it’s tremendous growth curve and rise of instant messaging apps which are more appealing to the new generation.

Also, Facebook has made it even harder to reach your fans unless you are ready to pay for ads. Twitter looks to follow the same footsteps.

This has made a way of for lot of new social networks to grab a share of social media frenzy. Few of them have succeeded to do just that.

We have put together list of best social networks marketers should look forward to in 2015, if they want their content go viral. We have also tried to curate a guide on how to market on each social network.

Remember the Andrew Chen’s law of Shitty Clickthroughs? It applies to social networks as well. The earlier you pick any social network, better the chances of making the most of it before everyone jumps on it.



If you go by the homepage, Reddit might look just a news site. But behind the old fashioned visual design of the site, there are thousands of communities, almost for anything, flocked by 174million active users.

Don’t trust me?

Here is a vibrant sub-reddit for food which alone has 2millions subscribers to it. This is not the only one, there is a one to share amazing food photos, Foodporn.

Best way to find relevant Reddit is to use it’s search. You can search for keywords relevant to your business and you will find relevant sub-reddits in no time.

Redditers hate ads. So tread with caution. Focus on adding value to the community and rewards can be beyond your wild imagination. Here is a marketer’s guide for Reddit marketing by Blue Fountain Media.



A photo sharing app that needs no introduction, Instagram is the fastest growing site in 2014. It just hit 300 million monthly users and has surpassed Twitter. 100 million of those joined in the last 6 months.

If Instragram is already part of your social media marketing efforts, awesome. If it’s not, checkout the marketers guide for Instagram by Kissmetrics.



For a long time, Pinterest has been looked down upon as a photo collection site for women who love design and food. But now Pinterest is becoming a serious threat for other social networks and great source of traffic for publishers. According to Mashable, Pinterest drives more traffic than Reddit, Linkedin and Twitter combined.

Here is our own guide for marketing on Pinterest.



A social media sensation of 2014, Snapchat lets your share photos and videos with others. Two fifth of US youth uses it multiple times daily, making it a killer opportunity for marketers. You can set a time limit for how long your viewers can see your snaps before they disappear. You can also create Stories, or a series of snaps.

Here is a guide for marketing on Snapchat by Forbes



Started as a publishing platform in 2012, Medium has been slowing morphing itself into a social network for thought leaders to share stories and ideas. Being full of influence-makers from every sector, it is a perfect place to create clout around your brand.

Medium, which is made up of different moderated collections rewards quality of the content. Every collections and users have its own followers.  If your post gets recommended by lot of people, it might get featured on the collection page and even Medium’s home page which can help you build substantial following and authority over the area of your interest.

Here is a guide on how to use Medium for marketing.

We Heart It


A social network with more than 25 million active users which serves 50 billion images a month. 80% of its user base is 24 or younger which is significantly different than the audience you see on Pinterest. If you think your target is consumption focused younger audience, Weheartit should be your place to go.

There is not a single guide on how to market on Weheartit, which means it is still not on the radar of marketers. As Weheartit is quite similar to Pinterest and Instagram, you can definitely apply the principles of marketing on Pinterest and Instagram for Weheartit.



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Ello wants be an ad free social network. Ello has seen some crazy growth in last couple of months. Started with just 90 users, its user based jumped to hundreds of thousands in couple of days. At one point, it was getting 40k invite requests per hour.

Though in its early days, Ello lets brands and businesses create their own page for itself and upload content.



The video sharing service has become extremely popular for consumers and businesses alike. The fun app allows you to shoot and share six-second looped videos.

Kissmetrics has given few great examples of content marketing with Vine.



Old, but still going strong with 332 million users. I decided to put Linkedin in the list specially because of newly launched Linkedin Publishing program which, I think every marketers in to B2B business should explore.

You can republish some of your popular content from the blog which is a great way to get your content in front of your professional network.

Paul Shapiro has written a great case study on 3000 most successful Linkedin Publishing posts. You will find lots of insightful stuff in that to get started with Linkedin Publishing.

Pheed (It has now been acquired by Mobli)


The wave of anti-Facebook gave birth to Pheed. On Pheed, you can monetise and protect your content. The concept is inspired by the customs of Twitter and Facebook, as posts are limited to 420 characters, but users can also post pictures, music, videos or create events.

Some celebrities such as Slash, Chris Brown and David Guetta are already Pheed users which has brought lot of young users on Pheed. Pheed claims to have 5 million active users.

Here is a simple guide on 3 ways to use Pheed to amplify your brand.

The social networks mentioned above will appeal almost every marketers. There are few notable social network which focuses on just one area like home decor, food, etc. Here are few of the popular ones.



Houzz is an online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. It attracts an impressive 25 million unique visitors a month.

If you target home owners, you should give Houzz some serious attention. Hubspot has written a great guide on how to market on Houzz



Foodgawker is a curated photo gallery that allows the visual search and discovery of new recipes, techniques and ingredients to inspire culinary adventures. It publishes photography submitted by food bloggers from around the world.



The shorthand for “want, need, love”, Wanelo, is growing fast with 11 million users as of August, 2014. A year back, in 2013, it had just 1 million.Wanelo users curates product they love by creating virtual stores, interestingly, for the product they don’t own.

Lot of online retailers use Wanelo to drive inbound traffic and measure consumer’s interest in new and existing products. Though 90% of its user base is women, percentage of men on the site is increasing.

Here is a guide from Wanelo itself on how retailers can utilize it to market their products.



Foodmento is a basically Foursquare meets Instagram. Foodmento fills the void of directing your followers to the specific dish you like. So, if you dabble in to Restaurant industry, you should keep an eye on this.

You can download the app here



Internet is full of mommy bloggers who write on myriad of topics from parenting, housing, food to fashion. Cafemom is a fast growing community for mothers and mothers to be which attracted over 30 million monthly visits in 2014.

Cafemom’s audience can be a great asset if you are trying to reach mothers.

Wrapping it up

That’s all from us. Hope you find it useful to channel your social media marketing efforts in 2015. I am pretty sure there are still lots of niche social networks we haven’t mentioned here. Bit of an online search and keeping an eye on your niche will surely get you to such networks.

If you are aware of any emerging social network, please post it in comments. We would love to know.

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