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Keyword Mistakes That Prevent You From Being Found On Pinterest’s Search Engine

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Selecting the correct keywords and applying proper SEO tactics are critical for getting you found on Pinterest’s search engine. That of course is how you will drive large volumes of traffic to your website.

The biggest mistake, according to our visual content marketing expert is that most people make on Pinterest is neglecting to think about what keywords to use.

Prospective customers will find you in their searches online by typing keywords into their search bars.  You want your Pinterest page and or web page to come up on the first page of those search results. That is what search engine optimization (SEO) is all about.

For example if someone types in mineral makeup foundation and you sell that kind of makeup you want to be found on the first page of the search results.  That is how people then click the links and end up on your boards or website.

Using specific keywords will increase your chances of being found and followed on Pinterest too. If you’re using Pinterest for your business figuring out which keywords to use will take longer than just pinning away – I so get that.

And it might even take some fun away from building your boards because you’re being forced to think about what keywords to add into your descriptions but I’m here to tell you that it’s worth the effort because this is what it takes to run a successful Pinterest account. It’s work and there are no shortcuts.  A great benefit of getting serious about keywords is that most people, your competition are either lazy or they don’t know how to optimize their Pinterest page so if you do it, you will gain an advantage and more people will find your boards.

Using Pinterest for business isn’t just about pinning a bunch of pretty pictures. You can’t rely on your images to do all the heavy lifting for you because that’s definitely not enough for you to maximize your results on Pinterest. There are several key tactics you need to apply in order to get as many followers as quickly as possible.

So how do you choose a keyword?

Here’s one of my most powerful & proven tips on how most people search on- line and in Pinterest.  I highly recommend you use to get you more Pinterest followers!

Here’s an example:

Say you uploaded a new image or repinned an image on how to apply eye makeup.

You want lots of people to find you if they search for “how to apply eye makeup”.

This is how you figure out what keywords to use in your board titles, board descriptions, pin descriptions and so forth so that you will be found when people search.

The steps are:

  • get a pen and paper
  • jot down the words you think a Pinterest user would use to search for “how to apply eye makeup”

The photo below shows you what appeared when I searched using the keyword “eye makeup”. What stood out for me are the words “eye makeup tutorial”.

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I tried another search using the Guided Search Tool and entered the keyword “eye makeup” in the search box.

I see that the words “tutorial” showed up first which tells me that “eye makeup tutorial” is my best choice if I want to rank high on Pinterest’s search engine.

Visual Content Marketing


  • What I also learned by using the Guided Search Tool is that it would be in my interest to pin images that are already ranking on Pinterest. That would be:
  • Natural Eye Makeup Tutorial
  • Eye Makeup Tutorial for Blue Eyes
  • Summer Eye Makeup Tutorial
  • Eye Makeup Tutorial for Hazel Eyes
  • Eye Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes
  • Eye Makeup Ideas
  • Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes

Now that you know how to choose the correct keywords make sure you add them in these six key areas on your Pinterest page:

1) Username

2) Profile Name

3) About description

4) Board title

5) Board description

6) Pin description

Remember: Using specific keywords will increase your chances of being found on Pinterest and attract a flood of followers.

Keyword mistakes that prevent you from being found on Pinterest's search engine




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