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7 Reasons Why Group Boards Help You Get More Pinterest Followers

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Visual content marketing expert explains that one of the biggest challenges on Pinterest, especially in the beginning stages is getting more Pinterest followers. Growing your followers is important especially getting the right kind of audience because that gives you an opportunity to get more Pinners to share your content.

The goal is to ultimately get those click throughs to become potential buyers visiting your website and/or blog. One of the quickest ways to get more followers is joining group boards.

So you’re thinking what is a group board? A group board is a board that you and other people that you invite, can all pin on together. Group boards are easily identifiable because you will see a symbol of a group of people next to the board title as shown below.


Visual Content Marketing


Why should you join group boards? There are seven benefits for your business:

  1. Increases exposure & visibility.
  2. Increases your number of followers immediately…kinda! Read on and you’ll see what I mean.
  3. They bring people together creating a sense of community.
  4. You see what others are sharing which tells you what matters most to a particular audience.
  5. They give you insight into what pinners want & need. By analyzing that data you can create additional content they will engage with more readily.
  6. They help you determine future marketing initiatives and product development.
  7. They help make your brand appear more approachable.

Let me explain something about point #2. Technically the number of followers does not show up on your number of “Followers” tracker but what happens is that every pinner that is following a board that you belong to gives you immediate exposure to all of their followers. It’s like having a gym membership.  You may not be the owner of the gym but the gym members see you every time you come in to workout.

So every time you add a pin to that group board all the other members on that group board see you! Some of the group boards have thousands of members.  Pretty cool for exposure. If they see that you’ve been adding valuable content to the group board they will most likely check out your Pinterest account with one simple click and see what other boards you have too. Do you see how powerful that is? If they like or need any of the items on your boards they will follow you and when they do your number of “Followers” increases!

Now that you can clearly see the benefits let me explain how to join a group board:

1. You have to follow (a minimum of one board) the pinner who owns the group board.

2. The pinner has to follow at least one of your boards as well.

3. Email the board owner and request to be added. Hopefully they’ll have their website, Facebook or Twitter account on their profile. You can also comment (as shown below) on one of their pins on the board you want to join and ask to be added. Make it easy for them by providing your Pinterest URL.

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Make wise choices about which group boards to join. Pinning relevant content and adding pins daily to that board is important. Read the group board rules. You’ll notice that you might only be allowed to pin a certain amount every day and are not permitted to add other Pinners without the approval of the group board owner.

Don’t just join for the sake of joining because you think more people will follow you. Choose boards that your target audience is engaged with.

One last tip:

If you want to increase your number of followers one of the ways to do that is by following other Pinners or following their boards. I highly recommend that you follow those who are already part of the group board you joined. Why? The goal is for other Pinners to notice you and by following them they will get a notification from Pinterest that you have followed them which gives you even more exposure. You achieve that by also repinning one of their images to a board in hopes that they might follow that board.

At some point if you think that the board has too much spamming because this does happen then you can always remove yourself from that group board. If you need to remove yourself from a group board, click “Edit” and you’ll most likely see your Pinterest name, then click “Leave”, then “Save Changes”.

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Bottom line is that you have to join a group board. It’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to get your Pinterest page more exposure and followers.


What has been your experience with group boards?

How to use Group boards to get more Pinterest Followers



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