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7 Tips For Pinterest Spring Cleaning (To Get More Followers)


Visual Content Management

7 Tips For Pinterest Spring Cleaning (To Get More Followers)


Visual Content Management pro reveals 7 Tips For Pinterest Spring Cleaning (To Get More Followers)

Spring cleaning holds a different meaning to different people. To some it may mean clearing out stale energy from their lives, and to others it may quite literally mean cleaning out their cluttered garage.

As the spring season progresses, days and nights become milder, flowers and plants bloom, and days become longer. For some it’s a new beginning, a fresh start which is something your Pinterest account could probably use too

Here are seven tips for Pinterest Spring cleaning:

1. Review the About Section of Your Profile Page

An often-neglected aspect of corporate social media profiles are the text descriptions or “About” sections. When was the last time you updated the written copy here? If it’s looking a little out of date or stale, give it an update that more closely aligns with your latest marketing or customer service messaging. Make sure you use specific keywords that will ramp up your SEO.

2. Update Your Profile Picture

When was the last time you updated your profile picture? Challenge your graphic designer to put a bright, fresh face on your brand for the spring months. And please make sure it’s clear – fuzzy images do not make a great first impression.

If you’re a solopreneur I recommend you use a professional photo of yourself and not a logo. Pinners relate better to your businesses when they see a face.

3. Check Your Analytics

The Pinterest analytics’ are available to businesses who have verified their website. Make sure you check your analytics to see what images are resonating with your audience. What it helps you do is focus more on what works.

To see what Pinners are repinning and what’s getting click thru’s and so forth from your Pinterest page go here

To see what content Pinners are engaging with from your website go here

4. Rearrange Your Boards

Your first couple of rows should clearly represent the current season or trending topics. If you still have fall and winter fashion items on top of your grid layout then you might decrease your chances of being followed. Trending topics receive very high engagement on Pinterest so you want to make sure you are creating boards that are relevant to Pinners.

For the month of March create these boards and make them unique to your business:

  • Easter Ideas
  • Summer
  • March Madness
  • Outdoor Ideas
  • Gardening
  • Weddings

5. Change Your Board Covers

Its spring so make sure the color of your boards’ reflects the current season. When you walk into a fashion store do you notice how the items are nicely merchandised in colors? Look at your board covers as window displays.

To change your board colors choose the board you wish to change. Click “EDIT BOARD”, then “Change Cover” and then “Save Changes”.
Visual Content Management


6. Rename Your Boards

The more specific your board names, the more likely people will find the image they want, click your links and drive more traffic to your site. If you rename your boards with your main key words you will improve your SEO too.  For example, if you have a board on “Gardening” change the title to “Spring Gardening”. It makes your content more relevant because it’s in keeping with the latest trends.

7. Create a Group Board

Pinterest has a strong community presence. By inviting other pinners to your boards you are going to increase your chances of being seen. Every person who is authorized to contribute to your board will have your board featured on their board page – giving you ultimate exposure.


Do you have any additional social media spring-cleaning tips to share?

7 Pinterest spring cleaning tips to get more Followers


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