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7 BIG Business Benefits From Using Pinterest’s Secret Boards



What is a secret board? According to Pinterest secret boards are boards that are only visible to you and the people you invite to them.

When you add a Pin to a secret board, it won’t show up anywhere else on Pinterest—not in the category sections, search results, your followers’ home feed, your own home feed or even the Pins section of your profile.

Many businesses overlook the use of their secret boards to help them manage their time. Businesses on Pinterest can leverage this private space for different things and the possibilities are endless.

Here are seven ways businesses can benefit from using secret boards:

1) Avoid going on a pinning frenzy

One of the worst habits that anyone can have on Pinterest is to go on a pinning frenzy. Why would you want to dump all your images in one sitting? There’s no benefit in doing that. Your goal on Pinterest is to get as much exposure as possible so spreading your pins out every 30 mins or hour will give your pins a higher chance of getting more exposure.

To help you spread out your pins you can use Viraltag. Easy to use and we have a seven day free trial.

2) Boards that are a work in progress

Something I see quite often is boards that don’t have images or very few images.

Leaving your boards incomplete not only looks unappealing but will tarnish your image and will create a negative first impression.

I recommend that if you do not have the time to pin at least five images on your boards when creating a new board then create them first on your secret board. This is particularly important if you’re a business.

3) Curate Content:  This is great for bloggers for gathering ideas and inspirations for future blogs and other projects. Pin a collection of; links, articles, images and visual notes for your future blogs. It’s a great way to save your pins and read them later. You can also test what your work will look like before you make it live.

4) Product Launch: Before releasing your product to the public you can canvass ideas from your best customers to get feedback.

5) Consumer Insights: Conduct research to find out what your customers and potential clients are pinning. Gather what you find on a secret board. What content are they repinning from your competition? What types of boards do they have? This will tell you so much about what your target audience values and wants.

6) Keep An Eye On The Competition: Go to their Pinterest business page and pin their most popular products, blog posts, articles, press releases, and so forth onto a secret board so you can study them.  How can you find out what’s working well for them? Check out the number of followers they have on each board and identify the pins that have the largest number of repins. To find out what pinners are pinning from their website go to AND learn what they not doing and capitalize on that too!

7) Collaboration:

a. If you’re working on a workshop or a training program you can invite members of your team to contribute ideas on your secret board much like a brainstorming session but on Pinterest!

b. Planning a trade show or conference. Pin everything from ideas for the decor of your booth, giveaways, and handouts.

c. Share content with clients. For example, if you’re an interior decorator you would ask your clients to pin images on the secret board to show you ideas about what their style preferences are. Wedding photographers can ask their client to pin images of their favorite locations for their pre and post wedding photos. This is also great for hotel concierge to recommend restaurants, shows, shopping and so forth.

So now that your head is brewing with ideas let me show you how to create your secret boards.

Step 1. Go to the bottom of your page to create your secret board.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.19.11 PM


Step 2. Click the first box “Crete a secret board” and fill out all the required fields.

Step 3: Fill it with your favorite pins. When you’re ready to make your board public make sure the slider says “No”, then “Save changes”.


make secret board live


For more information on secret boards and how to invite other Pinners to your secret boards go here:

Remember that just because you have a secret board doesn’t mean that you can just pin whatever you like. Pinners have to abide by Pinterest’s rules and what you can & can’t pin. Here’s a link to what images are acceptable, secret or not:

In summary, Pinterest secret boards are a great tool with many uses to save you time and help you to plan for the future.

7 Big Business benefits from Pinterest's secret boards


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