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How to Arrange Your Boards to Attract More Pinterest Followers

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Visual Content Marketing expert agrees that one of the goals on Pinterest is to continually grow your Pinterest followers. One of the ways to do that is by creating boards that resonate with your target audience. Pinterest users are somewhat selfish because they are pinning images that will help them with their goals, planning for their future, or to discover things to better their lives.

So what that means to you as a business is making sure that when Pinners comes across your Pinterest page you are making a lasting first impression. How do we do that?

What you do offline should mirror what you do online.

For ecommerce businesses you want to look at your Pinterest page as if it were a store. Your boards represent your products so merchandise them in such a way that they flow nicely giving the customer a better shopping experience and keep them in your store as long as possible.

Group themes of your products in a way designed to capture the shopper’s eye and merchandise them in a way that makes appeals to shoppers.

For example, you wouldn’t want to mix Spring fashion with Winter clothing would you? That would be a disaster.

If you were to look at your Pinterest page ask yourself will a Pinner get inspired, motivated, excited about spending anytime looking through your boards? Are you being helpful and showing how your products or services add value and improve their lives or are you just using Pinterest as an on line catalogue and its boring product picture after boring product picture?

When was the last time you saw a window display that made you say wow “I have to check this place out!” When you go to a shopping mall all those stores are competing for the shopper’s attention first & business second.

Don’t you want to stand out as a store? That’s how you should look at your Pinterest page. The only difference is that its online.

Look on your Pinterest Page as if it were a digital filing cabinet. You want that filing cabinet to be organized.

Visual Content Marketing

For some it could be in alphabetical order or by collections. Does it flow smoothly and logically the way your target audience shops? Are you boards set up in a way that makes it easy for Pinners to look through them? Bottom line, it better be organized in a way that makes sense.

Helpfulness works too. You want to be seen as helpful vs. a high pressure sales entity.

Did you know that 14 million articles are being pinned each day? Let that sink in for a moment. This is why I’ve said over and over that if you’re a B2B and you are not selling products you need to create helpful content for Pinners; that could be blogs or a resource section on your website.

Visual Content Marketing Expert Shares That Before you start rearranging your boards make sure that you optimize your boards first with these four steps:

1. Make your board titles obvious.

While it’s great to be creative you have to ask yourself if your board title is a keyword that Pinners will use to search for.

For example, if you’re selling “Crochet Scarves” and the title of your board is “Comfy Cottons” do you think users will actually type in the words comfy cottons into a search box to search for crochet scarves? Probably not.

2. Inject keywords in your board titles.

Adding keywords in your board titles will help you rank higher on Pinterest’s search engine. Did you also know that Pinterest boards are indexed by Google? Look at how a Pinterest board “crochet scarves” shows up on the first page of Google.

Visual Content Marketing

When I clicked on the Pinterest link it wasn’t a business that was curating these pins. Can you imagine if it was? If so they would have just driven a shopper to their website.

This is why time and time again I keep saying name your boards about what your audience wants and voila you will get found on Google much easier!

3. Fill in your board description

If you’re neglecting to complete your board description then you’re definitely not maximizing your results on Pinterest. Pinterest gives you 500 characters to work with so make sure you’re garnishing keywords in as many places as possible to help you get found on Pinterest and have a better chance of Pinners following you. Explain what the board is about and provide benefits explaining why they should follow your board.

4. Don’t forget to add the categories

You want your board to get found so if you forget this step then you won’t get found when Pinners are searching for your content.

Now that you’ve completed optimizing your board here’s how to arrange your boards so you can attract more followers:

1. Place your most vital boards on the first row.

80% of Pinterest users use their mobile device which is why you need to place your four most important boards in the first row. Highlight products and services that you want to drive the most traffic to.

Visual Content Marketing


2. Organize your pin boards into themes or subjects

When you walk into a department store you’ll most likely see a directory board that shows you the different sections or themes such as women’s fashion, houseware, children’s etc. Themes can also be classified as categories. So say for example you created boards for Easter, Christmas, and Valentine’s, and so forth. Make sure you keep those together.

Fashion is a popular category on Pinterest so if you have boards such as spring fashion, summer dresses, shoes, accessories, make sure they are on the same row.

3. Update your cover board

Once you’ve arranged your boards into themes I want you to tweak them even further and change your “cover board” into the same family of colours. Choose colors that are consistent with your branding if possible. Blue and gold are predominantly used which is consistent with her branding.

Visual Content Marketing

There you have it! Make the time to rearrange your boards and give your cover boards the attention they deserve to get more followers.

How to Manage Pinterest boards to attract more Pinterest Followers


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