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10 Quick & Easy Ways to Get More Repins & Followers on Pinterest


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and its true, however success on Pinterest or any...

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Visual Content Marketing Success Tips Pinterest Cheat Sheet: 25 Quick Tips to Get More Followers

Visual Content Marketing

Visual Content Marketing Expert Reveals 25 proven power tips:

  1. HubSpot Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella researched 11,000 pins and found that the most repinned and commented on items were accompanied by descriptions with 200-310 words.
  1. Use language that your customers can relate to – don’t try to be all fancy.
  1. Make an effort to re-size your pins to 735 in width. Taller images have a distinct advantage of being repinned.
  1. Go easy on hashtags. Focus on keywords instead. When using hashtags, create a unique hashtag for your business that no one else is using. Every time you click on that hashtag you are taking the Pinner somewhere else. Make sure they are going to your content and not someone else’s.
  1. Write with a mindset of helping people – detail creative ways people can use your product or service to improve some quality of their lives.
  1. When you upload your original images from your computer there’s obviously no live link included with the image. Don’t forget to add the URL of the exact page you want people to visit.
  1. Pins that go viral are visually startling, unique, funny (tends to please any crowd for any target market) or helpful. Infographics also rock on Pinterest. If applicable pin DIY projects and recipes
  1. To those businesses that don’t have product to sell I encourage you to build your brand by sharing images of your office, employees, company outings and so much more. You can post these images on your website, pin them which creates a back link to your website resulting in a better SEO.
  1. Be indirect with the images you pin. It’s not just about showing off your products or services directly. It’s about finding creative ways to show how those products and services fit into the lifestyle of your target audience in a relevant and meaningful way.
  1. Do you want to know which of your pins is working for you? If you haven’t verified your site you can check emails that Pinterest sends you called “PINTEREST WEEKLY” once a week which reveals your most popular pins of the week.
  1. It’s easy to pin away on Pinterest – that’s why it’s so addicting however if you don’t want to clog the Pinterest home feed and annoy your followers pin your images on the secret board and use a scheduling tool like Viraltag.
  1. Be consistent, pin daily – even if it’s only 5 pins a day. Slack off for a week or two and your traffic takes a huge drive – that’s just the way it is on the Internet.
  1. Upload pins related to trending topics such as holidays, awareness month, new season, and so forth.
  1. Use words in your pin descriptions that entice and inspire other pinners.
  1. Get Product Rich Pins so that your pins appear in the gift category.
  1. Ask people to take action in your pin descriptions. Calls to action lead to an 80% increase in engagement.
  1. It all starts and ends with a high quality photo. Ask yourself before you pin if your images will attract and engage your audience.
  1. When looking for images to pin do your best to choose images with the highest numbers of repins for the most obvious reasons – that’s what Pinterest users are digging!
  1. Edit your description to include a full link. NEVER use bitly, as Pinterest is known to mark pins containing shortened links as spam.
  1. If you notice a particular image is getting lots of repins, make it your board cover to get more attention.
  1. Pin from various sources rather than one specific site to attract new Pinners.
  1. Check your Pinterest analytics “Activity from your website” report. This will reveal which images get pinned the most from your website? Create more similar content.
  1. Optimize your profile. Writing a description with rich keywords about your businesses will help you rank higher on Pinterest’s search engine.
  1. Always check your links. Those 404 errors will not only piss off Pinners but will hurt your search ranking.
  1. Add the follow button to your site in as many pages as possible to get more Pinterest followers.

Visual Content Marketing expert reminds you that the last tip for the day is make sure you use a Pinterest scheduling tool like Viraltag. Spreading your pins throughout the day versus pinning them all at once will get your more exposure which will result in more repins and followers.

Pinterest Cheat Sheet: 25 Quick Tips to Get More Followers


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