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Schedule Pins on Pinterest Secret Boards Now Using Viraltag

You asked for it. We heard you, and we built it.

We’re happy to announce that beginning today, you can use Viraltag to schedule pins to your Pinterest Secret Boards! (Click here to tweet the news)

We all have some things we want to keep private. Pinterest users are pinning wish lists, gift ideas, and brainstorms that they aren’t ready to reveal to the public on Secret Pinterest Boards. While you have a choice to invite specific users to your secret boards, these boards are kept private from your broader followers.

Marketers are finding secret boards to be a useful tool to plan, coordinate, and execute on their visions as well. With secret boards, you can take time to prepare a board in private before you publish to the public. Or use a secret board to share ideas and planning tips with your internal team.

To get started simply log on to Viraltag, and click the Accounts tab on the left side.

Accounts Tab


Scroll down to your connected Pinterest account and click the blue “Update Boards” button. The next time you pin an image, you will find your secret boards listed as options in the drop down menu.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 12.02.27 PM

If you have not yet connected a Pinterest account, do it today and your secret boards will be included automatically.

There are lots of ways that you can use Pinterest Secret Boards to help save you time, and be more effective in building your brand on Pinterest.  For some ideas, check out our blog post on 7 ways you can use Pinterest Secret Boards to grow your business.


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