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23 Social Media Tips We Learned at #BlogHer15


I’m back from an inspiring and information packed few days at #BlogHer15. The annual conference from She Knows Media featured speeches and workshops led by women who have succeeded in bringing their voice to the masses using online tools.

I spent the few days with my notebook open, writing down everything I learned about which tactics and tools lead to the best results. I heard new tips for success on the old networks Facebook and Twitter, learned how to stop playing around on Instagram and Pinterest and actually use them to grow your business, and got an overview for getting started on new platforms Snapchat, Meerkat, and Periscope.

True to the theme of the conference “Experts Among Us”, I picked up advice from the panelists and from my lunch companions. Here are 23 of the best actionable tips I took away that I plan to implement now.

For LinkedIn… from social media strategist Peg Fitzpatrick.

1. Post original blog posts on LinkedIn on Sundays and you will appear in the weekly roundup emailed out to your contacts.

2. Upload videos directly to Facebook for maximum engagement — a short video introducing a blog post with a link is a great example.

3. Save images with a title and upload to LinkedIn directly, that image title will appear.

For Instagram… from LaShawn Wiltz, founder of Everyday Eye Candy.

4. Use Evernote to keep track of your hashtags and use the same ones consistently.

5. Instagram users don’t like variety; build a consistent brand on Instagram and stick with it.

6. Tell a story with your pictures and don’t be afraid to microblog in your photo captions.

7. Use a bitly link in your profile to your most recent blog and direct people there in your captions.

8. Add relevant hashtags in a comment under your caption, this way it gets hidden after you begin receiving comments.

For Facebook… from Amanda Rettke, founder of I Am Baker.

9. Tag people on Facebook in your Page posts to maximize engagement or in your comments on Facebook

10. Create a sharing group with like-minded people and commit to sharing content for each other.

For Tumblr…. from Amber Gordon, founder of Femsplain.

11. Use Gif Grabber to turn videos into Gifs for Tumblr.

12. Use the content that others post to express yourself by reblogging and customizing your caption and tag.

13. Engage in relevant fandom communities. One Direction is one of the most popular topics on Tumblr.

For Snapchat, Periscope, and Meerkat… from Gregory Littley, Director of Strategy at ICED Media.

14. Use Geofilters, emojis and filters to add your brand and style to Snapchats.

15. Use a stylus to draw on your Snapchats and turn social media into art.

16. Download videos you take on Periscope and share on social media to get the most out of your content.

For Pinterest… from Malorie Lucich, PR at Pinterest.

17. Make sure your pins have the title of your blog post and blog name. Rich pins are a great way to do this.

18. Use lists and text overlay to see more engagement on Pinterest.

19. Be careful not to post overly branded content that could distract users from engaging with you on Pinterest.

20. Use bulk editing tools on Pinterest to clean up your boards on occasion.

21. Check[your website url] to see who is pinning content from your site.

More for Pinterest… from Jennifer Gaonach, Digital Marketer at She Knows Media.

22. Start a group board if you’re interested in growing your traffic and join a group board if you want to increase engagement.

23. Reach out to Pinterest users recommended as your “Pin Twins” and start a content sharing arrangement.

You can find more on these tips in the slides each presenter shared. Check out Peg’s presentation on how to know which social media platform is right for you, and Malorie’s presentation on Pinterest tips for Bloggers.

Were you at #BlogHer15? Tell us what we missed! List your social media takeaways in the comments below.

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