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Three Ways to Use Pinterest to Design Your Home Office

How To Use Pinterest To Design Your Home Office

Calling all small business owners and entrepreneurs that work from home. Are you ready for a home office makeover? Then we have one word for you — Pinterest.

You’re probably already using Pinterest to market your business (if not, we have some tips to get you started), but have you thought about turning to this super visual social media platform to help decorate your business? Having a dedicated office space is so important for business owners who work from home. A home office keeps you organized and on task, plus it helps you maintain some semblance of work/life separation — no more rattling off emails from the kitchen counter!

Read on for three ways to best use Pinterest to bring your ultimate home office vision to life.

Pinterest Searching

Use targeted keywords to return the most relevant results on Pinterest.

1. Use the Right Keywords

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann announced last year that Pinterest had hit the 30 billion Pin mark — so it’s no surprise that Pinterest can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. That’s why searching with solid, specific keywords is, well, key.

Instead of typing in “home office décor,” hitting enter, and then having to sift through a whole lot of Pins to find the one that really inspires you, try augmenting your search with keywords that speak to a specific style or type of décor. Mad Men fanatic? Search “midcentury modern home office décor” to copy some of Don Draper’s signature style. Trying to stick to a strict budget? Search “DIY home office décor” to find examples of office essentials you can make instead of buy.

Using Guided Search on Pinterest

Don’t know where to start your style search? Take advantage of Pinterest’s “Guided Search” suggestions.

2. Take Advantage of Guided Search

Keywords are great, but what if you don’t know what you want your home office to look like yet (besides “awesome,” of course)? That’s where Pinterest’s “Guided Search” tool comes in handy. When you enter a general topic in Pinterest’s search bar, Pinterest will return a bunch of pins related to that topic. But Pinterest will also give you a handful of suggestions on how to narrow down your search even further — just look right below the search bar after you press enter for Pinterest’s keyword suggestions.

So if you type “home office décor” into the search bar, Pinterest will give you a bunch of keyword options related to a specific décor style, like Modern, Rustic, or Vintage. If a term resonates with you, click on it to see Pins related to that specific term under the umbrella of “home office décor.” This is a great tool to utilize if you don’t have a grand vision for your home office yet. Pinterest is there to give you some guidance.

Find inspiration on Pinterest

See what your favorite Pinners already have Pinned to their office-related boards.

3. Go Straight to the Source of Inspiration

If you admire a certain celebrity’s or interior designer’s style, you can let them do the heavy lifting for you. Many public figures in the entertaining and home décor space have public Pinterest profiles. You can take inspiration from what they’ve already Pinned.

Say, for example, you’re a big fan of home décor blogger Emily Henderson. Type her name into Pinterest’s search bar, hit enter, and then check out the results page. Near the top of the results page, you’ll see a bar of buttons that says “All Pins,” “Your Pins,” “Pinners,” and “Boards.” Click on the “Pinners” button to see if Emily has her own Pinterest presence. Good news: she does! She’s the first result that comes up on the next page. Scrolling through her Pin boards, you’ll see that she has an entire board dedicated to office spaces; chances are you can draw a lot of inspiration from what she’s already Pinned.

Want to jump-start your Pinterest-inspired home office decorating? I found three Pin boards that score major style points. Pinterest marketing expert Anna Bennett has a board full of bright metallic and soft pink office essentials, Pottery Barn curates tips on home office organizing, and House Beautiful Magazine has collected a bevy of designer home offices sure to inspire.3 Ways to use Pinterest to design your home office

Have you used Pinterest for your personal design projects? Do you have any tips on sourcing killer home office style? Share with us in the comments below.

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