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Six Instagram Strategies We Learned From The Man Repeller

It’s not easy to stand out in the competitive world of social media. Just because you have a solid idea and a phone with a built-in camera doesn’t mean you can grow your Instagram following accordingly.

So when it comes to building your brand, it’s important to learn from those who have done it well. Of the many fashion bloggers out there, Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine stands out with her witty comments, unique perspective and different fashion shots ranging from selfies, to street shots to product photos.

What first began in 2010 as a blog to beef up Medine’s resume, as well as a hobby when she was a rising senior at The New School, has now become a major fashion and lifestyle website with eight contributors. With almost 2 million (1.8m to be exact) followers, Man Repeller knows a thing or two about promoting her brand on Instagram.

We took a close study of their account and here are six strategies we learned that everyone can implement today.

1. Be Consistent

This is the golden rule of Instagram, and pretty much for everything else. Engage your audience every day about the lifestyle and message of your brand. But don’t over do it. Nothing gets people irritated quicker than over sharing. At Man Repeller, the timing (aside from the snappy captions) is the most consistent. So what’s their sweet spot? About two to four photos per day.

2. Keep Things Interesting

Variety is key when it comes to engaging your audience. The Man Repeller does a particularly great job of mixing up the types of visuals they share. Check out their account over the last week and you’ll notice GIFs, video clips, illustrations, and many different styles of photos. The subjects range from interesting things on the street, to runway shots, and product close ups.

When wit meets high fashion (Pinned from instagram.commanrepeller)

From Man Repeller on Instagram

3. Write Great Captions

Wit sets Man Repeller apart from the rest. Medine’s perspective on the world of fashion and authentic sense of humor shine in the captions. Take a tip from Medine and find your own unique voice. Then make sure to hone that voice on Instagram. Then find the most popular hashtags (you can use search on Instagram to find the best ones) to reach a wider audience.

Humor rules here (Pinned from instagram.commanrepeller)

From Man Repeller on Instagram

4. Stay True to Your Brand

This may seem obvious, but it’s essential to remember what your brand represents and illustrate that everyday on Instagram. Medine told Cosmopolitan that “authenticity has been key to her success, and it’s something she is anxious to protect as Man Repeller grows.” She started Man Repeller hoping that it would be a relatable voice (that’s not of a model or an actress) for girls who, “are interested in and care about fashion but are also obsessed with becoming smarter,” she told Vanity Fair. This intention manifests on Instagram as choosing to use “real,” phone-camera shots even when the growing trend is “glossy,” professional grade photos. She continues to turn down moneymaking opportunities to integrate sponsored reviews into her posts because she knows her editorial integrity is key to her brand. Find out what your brand stands for and stay true to it.

From Man Repeller on Instagram

From Man Repeller on Instagram

5. Promote Your Content

Whether you have a blog or a fashion company, remember you’re using Instagram to promote your brand. So if your brand is like Man Repeller, which produces 4000 words of content every day, show snippets on Instagram to entice your audience to visit your site. As Man Repeller demonstrates, there are several ways to accomplish this. Show a clip from a video from your main site or use your caption to point to a link in your profile.

A short video that links to the Man Repeller site. From Man Repeller on Instagram.

A short video that links to the Man Repeller site. From Man Repeller on Pinterest.

6. Manage Your Followership

Remember, the number of followers doesn’t necessarily equate to a bigger income. One of the reasons Man Repeller is so successful is because of an active followership. This means, people are actively using Instagram and engaging with the content on a regular basis (such as liking a photo or making comments), and not just checking in once every few months. As quality trumps quantity, make sure to use apps such as Crowdfire to check whether your followers are active.

Be sure to follow Man Repeller on Instagram and see what else you can learn from this rockstar account. Let us know how you implement these tips.

Six Instagram Strategies We Learned From The Man Repeller

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