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Webinar Recap: Time Saving Hacks To Grow Your Small Business

Earlier this month Viraltag teamed up with SuperTasker, a platform for outsourcing and managing digital tasks, for a webinar on growth. We shared time saving strategies to help small businesses grow their brands by making the best use of content. With the right strategies, creating and reusing content can be the most efficient way to quickly meet your marketing and growth goals.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch a recap below.

We also shared the deck from the webinar in a slideshare.

We mentioned a lot of tools and tricks during the webinar that you can use to create, curate, and manage your content.

For learning about your audience: Before you start creating content, study your audience. What do you notice about the content they share and engage with most? We listed 10 great tools to use to listen to your audience in this blog post. One of our favorite recommendations is Buzzsumo for seeing the most popular content and influencers for specific keywords.

For creating content: Try SuperTasker. You can outsource any small digital task to experts and get a result back quickly. In need of a blog post, an image, a newsletter template, or content to share on social media? Just submit what you need and a SuperTasker will help you out right away.

For finding content to share: As we discussed in the webinar, curation is a huge part of growing your brand on social media. You can add value for your audience by sharing information that relates to your brand and your industry, without taking the time to create fresh content yourself. Using Viraltag, you can find trending content on Instagram, popular images shared on Pinterest, and add feeds (from our integration with Feedly) of your favorite blogs to easily curate. If you are not using Viraltag, check out Feedly or Bloglovin to find great blogs to curate from.

For managing content: Keeping track of your content and sharing is key to an efficient approach. Manage all your content creation, curation, and sharing in one place with Viraltag. Combine that with file sharing on Dropbox or Google Drive and you will never be without an image, no matter which device you find or create it on. Make sure to measure the success of your content by paying attention to social analytics. Viraltag integrates with Google Analytics so you can keep track of how your content correlates with traffic to your website.

Looking for more ideas or have questions about the webinar? Reach out to Jilly from Viraltag at or Ariele from SuperTasker at

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