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The Visual Web Episode 3: Paula Coop McCroy, Pinterest Expert

Paula Coop McCrory

For those of us trying to build a brand on Pinterest, the idea of accumulating a lot of followers can seem like a fantasy many days. But Paula Coop McCrory is here to tell you it’s possible. She did it. A former teacher and artist who began spending time on Pinterest initially as a diversion from her new life of motherhood, Paula now counts more than 4.4 million followers on Pinterest.

Building up a significant following is possible, she told Viraltag in episode three of The Visual Web podcast. The key, she said, is being true to yourself or your brand and giving focus to the platform everyday.

“It’s like practicing the piano, it’s something I give focus to everyday,” she said.

Listen to the full interview with Paula here.

In the interview Paula shared how she got started on Pinterest and how she created her personal style. She also shared tips and strategies for how anyone can start building up a following for themselves.

Today Paula is a full time Pinterest expert, Pinterest consultant and tastemaker. She shares a bit of her Pinterest daily routine and how she learns from her community.

Visual Web

Learn more about Paula Coop McCrory on her website.

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She invites anyone with questions to engage with her on Pinterest.

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