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The Visual Web, Episode 4: Crystal Schreiner, Instagram Consultant

Crystal Schreiner on The Visual Web

Visual marketing starts with understanding your visual style. What is your signature visual style?

In this episode of The Visual Web creative director and Instagram pro Crystal Schreiner tells us how brands can begin to find their visual voice.

“It takes some deep work to find the meaning behind your brand,” she told us. “Brands aren’t built on logos or products they’re built on emotions and human connections. Understanding which pictures trigger emotions in people’s minds will create the most value for your business.”

Listen to the full interview here.

Crystal got her start on Instagram at New York Fashion Week. Today with over 33,000 followers, she says Instagram is her platform to connect with other creatives and tell her own story.

Director Crystal on Instagram

“I was going through a lot of self discovery as a lot of people do in their early 20s, I started talking about my personal journey through my creative life and now my focus is now on encouraging people to have a creative life and a creative career,” Crystal said.

She described her personal style as a bit whimsical with a focus on elevating beauty in everyday life.

In the interview she took us behind the scenes of how she created this photo from the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Crystal Instagram


She recommends her clients look to other Instagram accounts for inspiration. Two accounts she most admires at the moment are Tara Milk Tea and The Balloon Diary. She also admires the innovate approach Red Bull has taken on Instagram with its account Enter The Kaleidoscope.

Follow Crystal on Instagram at her account Director Crystal and read more about her consulting services and upcoming online Instagram course at her website.

The Visual Web Episode 4

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