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4 Ways To Get Your Awesome Content Seen

Content Seen

If we write great content, doesn’t it deserve to go viral?

We’ve all been there before: We spend hours writing an amazing article packed with valuable content only to see it go nowhere once it’s live. Sure, an article might receive some likes here and there but we writers really dream of reaching as big an  audience as possible.

Getting your content seen takes time and a little bit of work. Before you give up on your blogging dreams, try these four tips to enhance your work and get your content in front of your desired audience.

1. Create Lasting Content

It’s easy to write on topics that are hot and trending but what might be a better strategy is to create evergreen content that will still be relevant ten years down the road. Evergreen content is material that will always be valuable to your readers; it’s written once and can be read over and over again by your audience in the future.. For example, an article that explains content creation is an evergreen article because it’s useful to readers who have no idea what content creation even means. On the other hand, an article that provides tips on content creation best practices is considered trendy and is subject to change overtime. 
2. Take Advantage of Free Amplifiers

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Once you’ve got your content created, the next step is to share it with your audience. Our company Babbly, a free content sharing platform, allows writers to easily share their posts with a widespread audience. All you need is to copy and paste the URL of the content you want to promote into the Babbly site and Babbly’s network of individuals share your content on their personal networks. Unlike posting your content to a social media site directly like Facebook or Twitter, sites like Babbly use credit systems that reward users for sharing other users’ content on their social pages.

3. Don’t Forget to Include Backlinks


A great way to drive viewership to your blog is to mention prominent influencers and include hyperlinks to any articles you reference. If you’re looking to improve your Google ranking, consider throwing in some external links in your blog posts. A study by Moz has since found more links correlate with a higher ranking but proceed with caution as you begin to link. Google will penalize websites that include manipulative links or if it appears that an individual is buying external links to move up the PageRank.

4. Break Up the Text with Visuals

No one likes reading essays. Valuable content doesn’t mean only using words to get your point across; some of the best blog posts use visual content like pictures and videos to attract and entertain their readers. Including visuals from sites like Viraltag ensure your reader doesn’t get bored and lets you easily schedule pictures to post on social media. With integrated content discovery, finding the right images to include in your next blog post is simpler than ever. Another way to break up wordy articles is to turn your material into an infographic. Not only will an infographic get your information across to your reader but turning it into a visual will make the content easier to read and appear less dense.

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Adam Fridman is a seasoned entrepreneur who enjoys the challenges and excitement of startup companies. He is the founder of advisorTV, a Chicago based advice and mentorship community for entrepreneurs; Mabbly, a digital marketing agency; and Babbly, a quality content sharing platform.

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