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The Visual Web, Episode 6: Havi Goffan, Target Latino

Havi Goffan on The Visual Web

Havi Goffan is the founder of Target Latino, an Hispanic Inbound Marketing agency. She has also been an advocate for Pinterest for marketing since the platform launched. 

We were thrilled to be able to speak to Havi in the most recent episode of our podcast The Visual Web. Listen below.

In the conversation Havi shared how businesses should think about Pinterest when trying to reach a target audience, including specific examples for businesses reaching Hispanic Americans. 

“For me pinterest was always a visual search engine and a true social commerce engine,” she said. This has created an incredible opportunity to engage consumers who are looking to take action on what you share. But she said, a business must be smart about what they Pin. “Every single company has to have their own strategic plan before they start pinning. Ask yourself, how does this align with the rest of my strategy and how am I going to measure this?”

Listen to this conversation to learn about how a brand can start creating that strategy unique to their brand and drive real business from Pinterest.

In the conversation, Havi mention two blog posts that are great follow up reading after listening.

Effective Pinterest Strategy: The Whole Foods Success Story

Pinterest Search by Interests, a Google Contender?

Make sure to check out Target Latino’s blog for more marketing and Pinterest insights. Follow Target Latino on Pinterest.

Listen to more episodes of the Visual Web and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher.

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