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Which Visual Commerce Software Is Right For You: Curalate, Piqora, Olapic, Chute or Viraltag?

Visual Commerce Choices

The last few years saw the growing recognition of the power of visual content in marketing. We know that sharing visuals earns more engagement, clickthroughs, and ultimately traffic and sales.

But the question remains for marketers and entrepreneurs – how do you demonstrate the ROI of social media.

This is the year when we move beyond vanity metrics and start to see a clearer connection between commerce and social.

We are seeing that link emerge through the growth of visual commerce.

What is visual commerce?

We define visual commerce as the process of using visuals to drive sales, shopping traffic, and customer engagement. This is happening on websites and on social media.

Would you like to bring visual commerce to your brand? Fortunately you have several choices of technology platforms to create visual commerce opportunities.

These platforms help you source content – stock and UGC, organize and publish your content on social media, and create shoppable galleries on Instagram and elsewhere.

Here is how each of the platforms stack up.


Which Visual Commerce Software Is Right For You: Curalate, Piqora, Olapic, Chute or Viraltag

Content Scheduling — Curalate supports Pinterest and Instagram scheduling.

Analytics — Curalate’s Visual Insights offer Pinterest and Instagram analytics to measure the ROI of each visual.

UGC discovery & licensing – Use Curalate to source and get license approval for user generated images.

Shoppable Instagram – Curalate’s Like2Buy creates a shoppable Instagram feed for brands. This feed can be linked to in an Instagram profile link space. Their audience can save images they liked and come back to shop or buy later.

Shoppable Galleries – Link products to every photo you share and create custom galleries to display images – including UGC.

Image recognition – Curalate reads images to provide customers with visual insights about their brand from social media.

Price — Between $4,000 and $8,000 a month

Clients — Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Lily Pulitzer


Which Visual Commerce Software Is Right For You: Curalate, Piqora, Olapic, Chute or Viraltag

Content Scheduling — None

Analytics –Olapic offers Instagram analytics and conversion analytics.

UGC discovery & licensing – Olapic’s search allows you to source UGC content from Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Vine, and YouTube. Then request and receive licensing permissions for use.

Shoppable Instagram – Olapic’s ClickShop allows brands to create a shoppable feed of photos that they can link within their Instagram profile.

Shoppable Galleries – Share your shoppable UGC images and create custom galleries for your website or product pages.

Image recognition – None

Price – Between $5,000 and $6,000 a month

Clients — Anthropologie, North Face, Calvin Klein


Which Visual Commerce Software Is Right For You: Curalate, Piqora, Olapic, Chute or Viraltag

Content Scheduling — Piqora offers Pinterest and Instagram scheduling. Like other solutions, Instagram scheduling requires the approval of the post on mobile at the time of scheduling.

Analytics — Piqora integrates with Google Analytics and Omniture to provide conversion, traffic, and ecommerce analytics.

UGC discovery & licensing – Piqora searches Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter for UGC content connected to your brand. The search engine is multi-lingual and can be localized. Piqora helps you secure licensing with customizable messages.

Shoppable Instagram – Piqora’s Tapshop enables a brand to create a shoppable feed to link to in their Instagram profile. Like other solutions, a user clicking through to the brand’s Tapshop will see the photos they liked.

Shoppable Galleries – Piqora creates mobile-first galleries of your UGC content linked to products.

Image recognition – Piqora offers some basic visual recognition.

Price — Between $4,000 and $5,000 a month.

Clients — Dylan’s Candy Bar, One King’s Lane, Joe’s Jeans


Which Visual Commerce Software Is Right For You: Curalate, Piqora, Olapic, Chute or Viraltag

Content Scheduling — Chute offers scheduling to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Instagram scheduling requires approval at the time of post through their mobile app.

Analytics — Chute offers Instagram analytics and supports Instagram ads.

UGC discovery & licensing – Chute offers UGC search by keyword, hashtag, people, or image recognition. Their rights management system enables you to quickly request and gain permission for use of photos and videos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. These photos can be integrated into live galleries, in-store, or online displays.

Shoppable Instagram – Chute offers Shoppable Instagram feeds. Like other solutions, a brand can create a feed linking Instagram posts to products and link that feed in their Instagram profile. Instagram audiences can click through to find the links to the products they like.

Shoppable Galleries – Chute allows you to create shoppable galleries from the UGC images or your own products. Use these in Ads or online galleries.

Image recognition – Chute’s image recognition tool IRIS allows you to draw insights from content and allows for detailed search of place or brand mentions.

Price Monthly cost is based on the volume of content displayed and starts in the low thousands.

Clients — Wells Fargo, Ralph Lauren, Nike


Content Scheduling — Viraltag offers content scheduling to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. Like Chute, Instagram scheduling requires manual approval on the mobile app at the time of scheduling.

Analytics — Viraltag offers Pinterest analytics and traffic analytics.

UGC discovery & licensing – Viraltag’s UGC features allow brands to search for UGC content on Instagram and request for approval through customizable commenting.

Shoppable Instagram – Viraltag’s TapIt is similar to other solutions. With TapIt a brand can create a shoppable feed to be linked in their Instagram profile. A shopper can find photos they have liked saved when they connect to TapIt and instantly click through to buy. Unlike other solutions, TapIt is fully customizable to the brand.

Shoppable Galleries – Brands can create custom galleries of the UGC content that are fully shoppable.

Image recognition – Viraltag reads images to provide customers with visual insights.

Price Starting at $999 per month.

Clients — AOL, H&M, Lacoste, Zulily

How to choose?

Before choosing a software, consider your budget and feature needs. Are you looking for this full suite of features or is there something specific you need above others? Perhaps you’re using several software for different features. Are you able to consolidate your work to one software? What are you able to budget for your e-commerce and social software solutions? Here’s a reminder of how each platform compares.

Comparison - Curalate Vs Piqora Vs Olapic Vs Chute Vs Viraltag

Viraltag offers free demos and trials for brands to test out the features. Send us a note if you’re interested in seeing what Viraltag could offer your brand.

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