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New Feature: Post Recycling

Viraltag Post Recycling

Viraltag is always looking for ways to automate your social media efforts and save considerable time. We understand you are busy and there are times when you may run out of new content to add to your posting schedule which compromises your posting frequency and affects social media engagement. In these situations, Viraltag will automatically picks your best performing post from your evergreen content library and posts it automatically. You will have ability to add any post to your Evergreen content library when scheduling or from your existing high-performing posts.

There are several reasons why you may want to repost an existing post:

  • You have new followers who may enjoy the post.
  • Reach a different set of audience by posting at a different time – for example Facebook algorithm limits your organic posts to only reach a percentage of audience at a time.
  • Get most mileage out of your best performing posts.

By automatically recycling posts, users reach 200% more audience on an average. That’s two times more traffic without spending any additional time on scheduling!

Social Media Post Recyling




Social Media Post Recyling




How does this work?

While scheduling a post, you’ll see an option at the bottom to mark this post as Evergreen. Click on this option if you would like to add the post as Evergreen content. You can finish scheduling by clicking on the Schedule or Add to Queue option.

Social Media Post Recyling

Alternatively, you can also pick your old best-performing posts as evergreen content. Visit the “Recent Posts” section to look back at some of your previously posted high performing content and mark them as Evergreen. At the bottom right hand side of every post, you’ll see the Evergreen option. Click on this and your post will be added to Evergreen content.

Viraltag Post Recyling

Set profile specific non-repeat intervals for Evergreen posts, to control the frequency at which posts go out to each social profile. For example, you can have posts getting repeated more frequently on Twitter and less often on Facebook. In addition to this, you can also ‘Pause your queue when you want content to temporarily stop getting published to each social media channel.

Set profile specific non repeat intervals

What can you use as ‘Evergreen Content’?

Evergreen content is something that is sustainable, long-lasting and evergreen. In other words, evergreen content continues to be relevant long past its publication date and people can come back to this content again and again. You can choose any content that will remain relevant to your brand and target audience as ‘Evergreen’. A few suggestions from us are –

  • Content that follows formats such as blog posts, tutorials, tips, quotes etc
  • Themes like food, health, love, friendship, career, pets

An example of an Evergreen post could be – ‘5 Steps to create more attractive photos on Facebook’. This can be posted at any point of time and will ensure constant user engagement when targeted at a specific audience.

Viraltag Evergreen Post


Learn more about ‘Post Recycling’ in this 2 minute video –

Alternatively Click here to get a step-by-step tutorial on how to use this feature.

“With Viraltag’s Recycling Posts feature, once you have a nice inventory built up, you can take a week or two off social media posting without a hiccup in your social media posts.” – Jon,

If you have any suggestions / queries or would like a free demo please feel free to reach us at

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