Viraltag Circles

Introducing Viraltag Circles

Viraltag Circles is a community of people in a specific niche, helping each other grow. Circles...

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Introducing Viraltag Circles

Viraltag Circles

Viraltag Circles is a community of people in a specific niche, helping each other grow. Circles help you collaborate with your friends and thousands of other Viraltag users. You can share and exchange content collectively and grow your reach!

Once you’ve created a Circle and have invited your peers to join the Circle, you can collectively add in content and share each other’s posts. Since the members of the Circle are people you have personally invited, you can create a repository of high quality posts by people you know and trust.

Why should you use Circles ?

Whether you’re a Blogger or a Marketer, your goal would be to grow your reach on social media and make your presence known. This is exactly what Circles helps you achieve.

With Circles,

  • You can build relationships and network with people in your niche, including marketers and influencers.
  • You can increase traffic and engagement as your content gets seen by all the members of your Circle, and gets shared across Social media to the fullest. This way, you’re not the only one sharing your content, your friends are too!
  • You have a constant stream of new content by other people flowing in that you can share.
  • You can be sure that the content you share is of high quality, because the members of the Circle are people you have invited personally.

Getting started with Circles

To get you started, there are several Circles on Viraltag that you can join based on your interests. You can join as many as you’d like and move on the the Circles Dashboard.

Join a circle
Here, you’ll be able to see content posted by other people and posts added by you as well. Clicking on ‘Share’ on the top right corner of each post allows you to schedule that post to go out to any social profile you’ve connected with Viraltag.


To add content to any of the Circles, click on the ‘Add to Circles’ button while scheduling a post (either using the chrome extension while browsing or while uploading an image on your own), and pick the Circle(s) you want that post to get added to. This post will get added to the Circle(s) immediately and all the members of that Circle can view it.

Add to circle

You could also create a Circle of your own by clicking on the ‘Create a Circle’ button. Enter in details like – The name of your Circle, what your Circle is about, the rules you’d like the members of the Circle to follow,  the category your Circle belongs to and you’re good to go!


Lastly, to invite your friends and peers to be a part of your Circle, click on the ‘Invite Members’ button, and you can share the invite via link, email or social media.


Once they are a part of the Circle, you can start sharing each other’s content and maximize your reach on Social media!

Check out the video below or our Help Center to learn more about this feature.

Do give Circles a try, and let us know if it helps you increase engagement and connect with like-minded people, in the comments below!

For any further questions or suggestions, feel free to reach me directly at, or leave us a message in our in-app chat.

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