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Share branded and shortened links on Viraltag with Rebrandly

Share shortened links with Rebrandly

Ever faced a situation where you have long unmanageable links ruining the way your posts look? I’m pretty sure most of us have! With our recent integration with Rebrandly, you can now shorten your URLs, track them and customize them with Branded links as well.

With Rebrandly, you can transform long, unending links like into short and branded ones like This lets you track the links you send out to social media as well, so you know how many clicks each post gets and what content is performing well.

Why should you shorten and customize your links?

    • Brand Visibility : By having custom branded URLs, you can improve your Brand visibility and catch your customer’s attention. Every business owner knows how important Brand awareness is while Marketing their product. Your customers need to associate with your brand, and having branded links (For example our Branded link at Viraltag is makes this process a whole lot easier. Check out this post to know more about branded links and how they can help you increase your Brand recognition.
    • Credibility : The fact that you are willing to attach your brand name to the link you are sharing, guarantees for your followers that you are not redirecting them to spam or phishing sites, but that the content you are linking them to is relevant and consistent with your brand. This increased trust can improve click through rates by up to 39% when compared to generic short urls or long, unbranded links.
    • Looks more professional : Short links look neater and are easier to read. Since they are more legible, they are bound to capture your customer’s attention when compared to longer links.

How can you use Rebrandly with Viraltag?

Head over to ‘Integrations’ under Settings in your Viraltag dashboard, and connect your Viraltag account with Rebrandly. You can sign up with Rebrandly here as well, if you don’t already have an account.

Rebrandly integration

You have the option of choosing different custom domains for different campaigns if you have multiple custom domain links.

Schedule content like how you normally would through Viraltag – Add in an image, the description, choose the social channel(s) you want the post to go out to and type in the Source URL link.

When it gets published on social media, the URL will automatically get shortened to but they recommend you choose a custom domain to feature your brand (Like ours is

Rebrandly integration

You can head over to to buy a custom domain name and track click throughs for each post as well!

Rebrandly integration

Here’s a short video we’ve put together taking you through how you can use Rebrandly on Viraltag 

We want to make your life as easy as possible, and also give you the freedom to share your brand with every post you share on Viraltag – that’s why we’ve partnered with Rebrandly.

What do you guys think of this integration? Let us know in the comments below! As always, feel free to reach me at for any suggestions or questions.

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