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Get Hashtag suggestions for posts in Viraltag easily with RiteTag

Viraltag + RiteTag

Tired of guessing which hashtags for your social posts actually are getting engagement? Ready to stop manually testing hashtags in Instagram search to see if they’re banned?  You can now get easy-add hashtag suggestions for your Instagram photos, Tweets, Pinterest image uploads. RiteTag is a lightweight but powerful hashtag solution that rides right inside Viraltag’s Scheduler, Custom Scheduler and also in the Viraltag browser extension!

RiteTag’s hashtag suggestions are not only topic-relevant, but they are only suggested if they are currently getting engagement. They are color-graded to show which are:

  • Best for Instagram (rainbow)
  • Best for current engagement (green)
  • Best for getting found long-term through search in social networks (blue)
  • Banned on Instagram or not used enough to be worthwhile (grey)
  • Overused (red)

How to use RiteTag’s color grading

How to use RiteTag to get hashtags for Images and text captions for images (Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.)

1) First, you will need to have the RiteTag Pro extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari installed. If you’re just getting it, you’ll start a free, no-obligation 7-day trial (no credit card information is taken). After that, RiteTag is $49/year and includes the browser extension, site, and mobile apps.

2) Start a new post in Viraltag

Start a new post in Viraltag

3) Attach an image to your post

Attach an image to your post

4) Paste your text caption in the “What would you like to share” field.

5) You can get hashtags two ways: from highlighted text or from images.

You can get hashtags from by highlighting text and right-clicking on the text for the Get Hashtag Suggestions mouse option. Do this with your image caption or, if it isn’t an Instagram/Pinterest post, from the text of your Tweet/Facebook update, etc.

Highlighting text for hashtags

HINT: Are you getting too many hashtags? Try highlighting just 5 to 30 words.

You can also get hashtags for the image by right-clicking on the image and selecting Get Hashtag Suggestions.

Hashtag suggestions for images

HINT: If you get very few hashtag suggestions, either there’s little visual information in your image or, it’s too small. Click the star to open the full-size image and then right-click on it for the Get Hashtag Suggestions option.

6) Either click the hashtags you want and hit the Copy button or first hit the Select all button, then deselect hashtags you do not want by clicking on them. Then, hit Copy, and the X, to close the RiteTag popup.

Select the hashtags you want included

7) Paste the hashtags to the Caption section of your post

Paste the hashtags selected

8) Set scheduling time and save. The post will send you a phone notification at the time you designate, for easy upload to Instagram!

What I find easiest:

  • For text posts, I just highlight the text of my Tweet/post/update and right-click for the Get Hashtag Suggestions mouse option.
  • I also do this in the Viraltag browser extension, right-clicking on highlighted text or an image and then selecting the Get Hashtag Suggestions mouse option.
  • I also right-click on images in any web page for the Get Hashtag Suggestions solution, even if you didn’t upload the image to Viraltag composer. Also, there’s a camera button beside search, at the top-right the RiteTag popup, for getting hashtags for any image on your computer. I thus get hashtag suggestions and use them wherever hashtags are needed.

How to set your RiteTag browser extension to a language other than English for the hashtags for images solution

For those marketing locally, switch between any of many languages for the hashtags for images solution. How to switch languages. This does not affect the highlighted text hashtag suggestions solution.

  1. Login to the RiteTag extension if you’re logged out. A subscription to RiteTag (paid) is required, and you need to always login with the same social profile or you will not access your paid RiteTag account.
  2. Right-click on the RiteTag browser button and select Options.
  3. Choose from the many languages that the RiteTag extension will use when providing hashtag suggestions for images you right-click on.

Market locally with RiteTag

The video below shows the process of getting hashtag suggestions by using RiteTag in Viraltag. This works on the site and the Viraltag extension, too.

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