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5 Clever Strategies for Greater Instagram Exposure

Every way we can increase your Instagram exposure. Viraltag

We know the power of video marketing. More people are getting access to devices and networks that allow them to consume more video content. The leading video marketing platforms receive and send a lot more traffic than the search engines. Instagram can be a great way of receiving highly-targeted visitors.

To get the best of the traffic and conversions from Instagram, you have to make many followers. You also have to master how to maximize Instagram likes for more engagement. The more you get engagements on your Instagram, the more leads you generate on your account for your business.

How to Maximize Your Instagram Exposure:

Instagram released their algorithm in mid-2018. They use this to ensure that they show relevant and up-to-date information and posts to the users. You can use this advantage to ensure that you receive the maximum exposure for your business. In the post, we cover the 5 top tips that will help you get the best out of Instagram for your business.

Once you master these tips, you will know how to post on Instagram for the best performance of your business. Here are the best Instagram practices for the best Instagram conversions:

1. Use Flat Lays Featuring Complementary Brands in Your Posts:

When you are posting on Instagram, you are advised to feature other brands that you share the same line of business, as a complement of each other. An example is if you are selling web design services, you can tag along businesses that are offering web hosting and domain registration services.

The flat lays or images featuring other brands help in improving your authenticity as well as receiving a treat back from the companies you have featured in your posts. You need to master how to do this to avoid ruining your business, though. In regard to this, you should not use companies that offer completely different services.

Whenever you are using this strategy, ensure that you use the other brands’ hashtags (if they have) so that they will be able to find your posts quickly. Whenever they search their hashtags and find your posts, the complementary companies will be glad to share your images.

I know you will be pleased to have your image regrammed more than a few hundreds or thousands of times on Instagram. The better part, however, is that you will be promoted to a targeted audience, who will most likely follow your brand back to receive more updates. With time, your brand exposure on Instagram will go another level you did not imagine.

2. Re-post Images from Complementary Brands:

You already know how to post on Instagram to get your complementary brands to follow your brand and regram your posts. Reposting other brand images is another sure way to get more exposure. You will help the other brand to receive more exposure, and they will be more than willing to return the favor.

When you regram other brand images on your timeline, they will be interested in following you back and to learn more about your brand. In this way, you are better placed in finding potential future partners and interested customers. However, ensure that you use images that are in line with your own timeline not to confuse your followers.

3. Employ the Use of Relevant Hashtags:

If you want to know how to maximize Instagram likes, then hashtags do the trick. Hashtags, however, must be used responsibly. When you know how to post on Instagram with hashtags, your brand will grow tremendously. Poor usage of hashtags, however, can ruin your brand exposure.

Recently, Instagram allowed users to follow hashtags. Instead of users having to search and scroll through the posts and hashtags to find the content they need, they simply subscribe to the hashtags so that they receive relevant content via notifications. This increases your exposure to people who have not yet followed your brand.

When you create a post, use hashtags that are relevant to your business and the post. Avoid generalizing things as they may become irrelevant to many users. When a notification pops up, the user can choose to ignore posts that do not add value to their interests. They have the ability to mark some hashtags as not relevant, and they do not want to see posts with those tags.

This feature tells the Instagram algorithm the best content to show the users. If your posts use some of the tags the users would mark as uninteresting, then your account may be deemed a spammer by the algorithm. Too much of irrelevance can even limit your Instagram account.

4. Make use of Community Hashtags with Account Moderators:

Community hashtags on Instagram is a way to reach more prospects. You need an account moderator to find the common hashtags on the #… feed of your account and regram the posts that are relevant to your brands. The use of community hashtags works almost the same as the regram of complementary brands, only that you make use of the tags instead of the brand business.

Before you regram any community hashtags, ensure that the subject matter of the post is in line with the hashtags, let the users mark the post as irrelevant on your timeline. If you are a student, a post saying “Write my research paper for me” can have hashtags like #academic, #writing, #research, #paper, etc. Sometimes Instagram users only use hashtags to find some creative ways for having materials done quickly.

Ensure that the posts add value to readers before you regram them. If you cannot understand anything in any post, avoid regramming it for the sake of receiving more exposure. The practice can ruin your account as spam.

5. Partner with Complementary Brands for Post Swapping:

You already know how a complementary brand can help you gain more exposure and brand recognition on Instagram. To improve the performance of your brand on Instagram, you need to partner with a complementary shop that is related to your business and is willing to do a post swap.

The idea behind this method is that you will post an image from your complementary timeline while they do the same for you. The image can be used for various reasons. The two main things this method does best is to do a shoutout of your brand to the complementary followers and to promote a specific offer on your business.

This method usually works best when you partner with companies of similar size looking to grow together. However, you can as well go ahead and talk with the big brands that dominate the industry. As long as you are not a direct competitor, you can get one that is willing to do you a favour to promote your brand on their timeline.

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