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6 Marketing Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

Online marketing might have become a common term in all these years of tech-oriented era, but calling it an easy task to do is skeptical. Working smartly and reaching the perfection level to promote a business within the budget is the demand. Entrepreneurship, be it for a small business, scalable startups, large companies or even social entrepreneurship, is not a cakewalk. With the rise of competition and increased level of every aspect of work, one needs to put their smartest thinking caps on.

In the beginning, hiring talent and keeping them motivated is no picnic. Reaching out to more audience picking a consistent theme to work on and branding becomes a storm in a teacup without the help of relevant tools and technology. Being the Marketing Manager at ProofHub, a well-established project planning software, I choose to work on various marketing tools that help me to be au courant.

Time is scarce and beating the rapidly growing competition is one of the major tasks to get results from marketing. In this article, you will come to know various marketing tools that would help you expand your business and reach your targets promptly.

Viraltag for media marketing

Viraltag is a popular social media management tool for businesses looking to automate their content sharing strategy. The tool allows users to manage multiple social networks, including Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Linkedin, from one single dashboard.

Using Viraltag, you can create unique visual content, schedule unlimited posts, collaborate with the team, customize caption and image dimension, recycles top performing evergreen content, measure success, and do a lot more to drive more engagement across every social network. It also offers a tool, known as Viraltag Planner, that helps in social media posts optimization, as well as recommends the most relevant hashtags for your posts.

Overall, Viraltag is a great tool for multi-account management, content management, post scheduling, automated publishing, team collaboration, post recycling, social media monitoring, and advanced analytics. And it’s one of the finest tools within your reach.

ProofHub for managing your projects and teams

Wastage of time due to the lack of efficient communication is the common scenario of the companies which do not work with any project management software. For small and medium business owners, organizing, planning all the parts of a project, and collaborating with the team members to give an elite performance is required.

Businesses at any level can use ProofHub to deal with the primary challenges such as issues in task management, workflow management, time tracking. This project management tool helps in finding you time to focus on your business and improving operations. It simply helps to plan, collaborate, organize and deliver the projects on time. Tools like Gantt chart, Kanban and proofing help you work faster, easier, and smarter. When you want to have all your teams, projects, clients, and tools under one roof you can easily go with this software instead of investing in many of them. 

ConvertKit for email marketing

It is an email marketing tool that lets you grow your audience and increase conversions with its automation feature. The latter helps in creating your own custom rules. You can create personalized email automation using the drag and drop feature of the sequence builder.

One of its key features automatic response emails helps in sorting the subscribers into segmented lists. ConvertKit also involves pulling the unsubscribers from the list. The automation features help in content personalization, a rise in your audience and they may increase conversions. Also, the tags and segments present in this automation tool help in a proper organization and understanding of the list of your subscribers.

Facebook Audience Insights for competitor’s statistics

Peeking into the insights of the competitor’s audience is the important feature provided by Facebook Audience Insights. It gives you a chance to come to know the behavior of the target audiences, such as their purchase behavior, geographical location, and demographics for better information about them and strategizing accordingly. 

It is because this tool lets you know about the people at your page and in your Facebook account and give their basic details such as their relationship status, educational levels, interests, and hobbies, etc.

Ahrefs for monitoring backlinks

Earning quality backlinks is a part of the digital marketing process. The marketing team of any company needs to set targets to reach the number of backlinks as that made by its competitors. You can analyze your competitors’ backlinks for free using Ahrefs’ free backlink checker. It gives the authority of accessing the top 100 backlinks of a particular domain.

The tool helps in researching the competitors and monitoring your niche, which in turn helps in leaving behind other competitors. It is one of the most widely used marketing tools for checking the follow/no-follow status, ratings of the page and referring domain.

Google Analytics for advanced analytics

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service. It is designed to help businesses and teams get rich insights about their audiences, their website, and their overall digital marketing campaign.

By adding a simple tracking code on pages in your website, Google Analytics lets you track any platform/website, collect information on the user’s activity, determine what types of content is working best, collect conversion data for your top traffic sources (referral, direct, organic search, and social)—and use all the data to improve your digital marketing campaign, thereby generating more traffic and revenue.


Technology can spark creativity in you, but it can’t do the entire work for you. Equip your team with the above-written marketing and management tools, improve your marketing performance and reach heights of success. These are six awesome online marketing tools to help you get those big numbers accomplished within the targeted time. These tools will help you get a hold of all your marketing projects. The marketing tools mentioned-above will let you keep up the pace of your tasks and help you in answering your boss’ questions with confidence at the next meeting. So, nothing to studder for, you can easily include the tools in your marketing strategy, complete your to-do list within the deadlines and work to get better results.

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