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How to Create Cost-effective, Impactful Digital Signage

Creating impactful digital signage which lasts long in the memory is a key consideration for many businesses, but doing so can be a little restrictive. First of all, there is a misconception that the activity itself is always difficult to achieve, and therefore expensive graphic designers are sought out. Yes, graphic designers can deliver terrific work, and undoubtedly have the skills to implement some of the more complex aspects of creating signage, but it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, creating beautiful digital signage is something that can indeed be done in-house, and with a restricted budget. Let’s look at how you can do it.

Choose the right software platform

This is the most important place to start, perhaps. The fact is there are now countless numbers of software providers whose platforms will enable you to create hard-hitting digital signage perfect for your marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost that such services used to set you back. Canva is a great example, but there are too many more to mention. Not only are these platforms easy to manipulate, but they also provide any number of fantastic templates that enable you to create almost instant solutions that can be unique to your business. Perform a little research, consider your budget, and select the platform that will help you deliver the signage you are looking for.

“I always recommend first of all searching for a software provider whose platform will provide the basis for creating first-rate digital signage that can be adapted to such an extent that it looks totally unique and can become synonymous with your business. You may have limited skills, but it matters not with the solutions that are now available,” says John Ferguson, a marketing manager at Academized and Mywritingway.

There are particular things to look for when selecting a software solution that is right for you. First of all, ensure that the interface is easy to navigate. Then look for an array of templates that can be easily manipulated, and then look for automation possibilities which can then build in with your existing publishing schedules. These are all capabilities that spell out a great solution.

Hire a freelancer

Hiring a graphic designer is always an option, and of course, great talent can be discovered, at reasonable prices, on a host of freelancing sites such as Upwork. This is an incredibly viable option, especially if your needs are quite limited in scope.

Utilize the talent within

Have you ever had a go at creating digital signage yourself? What about creative individuals who already reside within your business? Often the talent is there, it’s just that the opportunity has not, so don’t be afraid to try something new or delegate the task to someone who you feel has creative ideas in other regards. Quite often this creativity will translate well into the field of digital signage, and you could well have an in-house superstar on your hands.

“The truth is that software now enables us all to be graphic designers to a certain extent and often that is enough to deliver what you require,” points out Laura Sorenson, a business and marketing blogger at Viawriting and Australian help.

Stock images

You may or may not know that there is already a vast ocean of images and signage that is available t be purchased (and sometimes even accessed for free) in stock libraries. As well as famous examples such as iStock by Getty Images, there are also user-generated libraries where freelance designers get the opportunity to sell their wares. These are portals of rich resources which can deliver fresh and unique signage for your business’ benefit, so get exploring to see what is out there – you are sure to be overwhelmed by the absolute magnitude of the options, but once you know exactly what you are looking for, the task becomes much easier.

Repurpose your own content

You quite likely already own a lot of content that can be repurposed for the task you require it for. Utilize tools that can assist in the reproduction of this content, and quite often you will discover that the solution you were looking for was already right under your nose.


Costs may vary, but these are just some examples of how impactful digital signage is closer at hand and more easily accessible than you ever imagined.

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