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7 Proven Ways to Acquire New Clients Through Social Media

All social media marketing strategies may be designed differently, may have different target audiences and even different budgets allocated towards them. Social media marketing is essential in any industry or business. It not only helps in attracting potential customers but it also creates brand awareness. 

What marketers need to understand is that a particular strategy that may work well for a certain brand and its audience may become a complete failure for another. At the same time, it is also important to understand that there is no one specific answer for businesses when it comes to customer acquisition via social media. There is always room for experimentation and improvement. The article discu5sses seven proven ways to acquire new clients through social media! Who knows what may work for you, have a look to find out.

#1 – Always be Present

Whether it is a carpet cleaners company or a bakery in New York, every business is now reachable on social media. Creating a social media account is not that difficult. The challenging bit is to stay active. There are a number of ways you can keep your social media presence active.

Frequently post and engage with your users. There are a number of companies offering digital marketing services for handling your social media account. These companies post on a regular basis from your account to show authenticity.

  • There is no point in being present if you are not interactive with your audience. If your customer is asking a query or has commented on a post, you must respond to it promptly. 
  • Customer support is an important part of any digital marketing strategy nowadays, if you have a dedicated team to deal with customer queries then it might be simpler to take care of that aspect. However, do make sure that your staff is properly trained and they are capable of managing customers.  

#2 – Post Visually Appealing Content 

The human eye finds some colors more visually appealing as compared to others. Use the color psychology to your advantage and create a color palette for your brand that is appealing to the eyes. It is highly recommended that you use shapes to make your content more appealing. Using shapes grabs the reader’s attention as they scroll through their newsfeed. Another element that can distinguish your content from the rest is to use contrasting colors. Colors that are contrasting help to attract attention and make your content stand out in the newsfeed. If you don’t want to hire a graphic designer, you can purchase different tools for your business which would help you create content that is visually appealing.

#3 – Monitor your Social Media Accounts

If you are applying more than one marketing strategy, then it is better that you monitor the results closely. This will give you an idea as to what is working best for your brand. It is always good to experiment, but you need to have a solid outcome as well. Therefore, it is best that you keep a record of all the data that you generate through your social media accounts. 

There are a number of tools which are free of cost and you can use them to monitor your accounts. If you wish to expand your business, you can always get better tools or upgrade your previous ones. The data you collect through monitoring will prove to be extremely helpful in developing strategies in the future. 

#4 – Humanize your Business

In this technologically advanced era, brands are so consumed in gaining a competitive advantage that seldom do they realize a very important element they are missing out on. That is, humanizing their social media business. Engage with your customers as a human. You can do this by personalizing notes and referring to people in messages/chats using their first name. 

Another form of personalization is by using hand-written notes. When people see snaps of hand-written notes on your feed, they will know that you are an authentic brand. Moreover, try to post content that is relatable to the people who are viewing it. Your content must be in correlation with the social and cultural norms of the audience that you are targeting. Discuss issues that are prevalent and challenges that are common.  

#5 – Choose the Right Platforms

Every social media platform comes with its pros and cons. More importantly, a social media platform that is working well for your competitor might not be suitable for yours. Therefore, it is always important to understand which platform will suit your best. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule to help you figure it out. 

You can start by accessing your goals. If you are looking for a place to sell your product/service, then Facebook might be the right platform for you. However, if you want to make your social feed more aesthetically appealing then Instagram will suit you best. However, one thing should be kept in mind. No matter which platform you choose, you should keep your brand image consistent everywhere. 

#6 – Choose the Right Timings

The timings of your posts make a huge difference in the levels of engagement. The quality of your content doesn’t matter if you aren’t posting it at the right time. There are a number of ways through which you can find out the right time to post. The right time is during which you will get the maximum engagement, this naturally varies from country to country and can be determined using the social media analytics tools. 

#7 – Be fun!

Social media is meant to be fun. There is no point in having a presence which is boring and formal. There are websites and gloomy offices for that purpose. Your social media account should be a reflection of the fun side of your brand. Be the kind of brand with which people want to engage with. The audience will always be in search of a person behind the logo. Try to interact with the customer in a conversational tone and have fun while you’re at it!


So, this was our take on the proven methods guarantee lead generation using social media. Let us know which one worked best for you in the comments below:

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