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Why Your Instagram Profile Matters For Your Business

Instagram was originally created as a photo-sharing platform for users to socialize. However, businesses use it for marketing and generate buzz for their brands. Currently, there are almost 1 billion active users on Instagram monthly, and the number is still growing. Those users can serve as potential prospects for your business. If you still want some reasons to get your Instagram profile beneficial for your business, below are some reasons to let you know why Instagram profile matters for your business! Let’s start!

1. It’s all about storytelling

Sharing brand stories via visual content is an ideal way to let your audiences know about you and your brand. 500 million active users use Instagram stories daily. It helps to build a strong relationship with your possible future customers. Instead of a product-centric approach, the customer-centric approach has been a better long term approach for marketing businesses.

Keeping this in mind, it is recommended to avoid product pushing posts. Rather than that, focus on emotional marketing. Embrace the human touch offered by Instagram to encourage emotional response to positively impact your overall business success.

2.Visual content promotion

Just like storytelling via videos, photos are the second most engaging content on Instagram. Photos are proven to produce better audience engagement than text posts. Instagram is an ideal place to check what resonates well with audiences visually. It helps you to develop your marketing strategy and create business awareness. Also, you can incorporate creativity into channels across the board.

3.Better marketing research insights

With over 700 billion monthly users, Instagram provides businesses with significant potential audiences. Hashtags are the best way to get your content in front of the right customers. It leverages useful marketing insights to both companies and prospects to target the right product to the right user. It is the most popular social media platform among teens. Thus, targeted ads are also beneficial to reach for potential clients, only if you are willing to invest some budget and time. Instagram is the goldmine of useful insights, so utilize it.

4.Highly engaging community

An ideal starting point to get people to engage with your business is to follow people talking about your brand. Check what they like, comments, and share. You can start a healthy conversation to inspire your followers and welcome those to join in. Keep in mind that just like buy assignment online, engaging audiences is not just about publishing content related to your business; it is more about connecting with them.

5.Getting useful feedback

Smart marketers monitor conversations and feedbacks about their products and services on social media. By keeping track of mentions on your blogs, forums, and social media, you can plan strategies on how to deal with possible concerns.

Regardless of your brand’s presence on social media, people are going to talk about it anyway. They are discussing their experiences from your brand and posting relevant feedbacks with real-time visuals. Thus, it is necessary to understand their perspective on how they see your brand to identify advocates and possible loyal clients.

6. Your competitors are there too

Instagram is the marketing channel on which the game is open for all; you and your competitors. You can use the platform to see what your competitor’s activities are? What content do they post? How they interact with the community? How do they engage with customers? Also, how they run an Instagram contest? By answering queries and tackling concerns, you will be able to uncover some best practices of your industry to define a creative marketing strategy.

7.Linked to share on other social media

Facebook owns Instagram, but still, both of them are two different platforms. Also, you can link Instagram with almost every other available social media platform to get more traffic and followings. Fortunately, those ads you run on Facebook can also be run on Instagram, and the content you post on Instagram can also be posted on Facebook automatically. Therefore, it’s not about discussing Facebook vs. Instagram, linking your accounts to other social media accounts can be beneficial because all of them saves lots of time and effort to keep your social media marketing consistent.

8. Leverage micro-influencers

Micro-influencers are an ideal way to make your followers loyal to your brand. There is a good possibility that you may have the same followers as the influencer if you both belong to the same industry. Collaborating with influencers that are respected well can make your brand reliable and recognizable in the eye of your customers. Moreover, it is recommended to let them try your product and be an ambassador for your brand that will lead to better brand awareness.

9.Ideal for mobile users

Undoubtedly, Instagram is a mobile user platform as most of the social media browsing takes place on mobile devices. Thus, you should build a strong presence on social media through Instagram. Users can view and post their visuals better from their phones and tablets. In the past few years, this may seem like a smart strategy for most business owners that how shopping trends are changed since the emergence of smartphones.

Mostly, shoppers use mobile devices to look up for product recommendations, compare among similar brands, and check for their specifications. It is convenient and quick for smartphones user to check on them as they are compact, accessible, and available around the clock. Therefore, if your business to be revenue-generating and successful, you need to stay up with the latest trends.

Take-home messages

In a nutshell, you can use your Instagram profile to engage customers, build awareness, and advertise your product and services for your brand. It is an ideal social media platform that you may like to utilize to get yourself into the pool of digital marketing. Craft an engaging content and use Instagram highlights and stories to keep up with the latest chaos in the industry.

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