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Important trends of SEO you need to know in 2020

SEO has been around for over 15 years and still looks to hold a lot of relevance come the next 15 years. The fundamental objective of Search Engine Optimization is to ensure that websites on the internet are easy to find and understand. When implemented correctly, SEO becomes an excellent and effective marketing strategy.

However, keeping up with the ever-changing SEO necessities can be hectic. Looking back, we can see that the surefire SEO tactics of 10, 5, and even one year ago, have, and are becoming obsolete as new techniques continue to emerge.

On the bright side, nonetheless, SEO offers an unbiased and straightforward algorithm that can be accessed by everyone. So, as long as you can stay consistent, you can be sure of maintaining high ranks for your blog or website.

With SEO, the key is to stay in the know with the most crucial SEO trends, and also understand how to implement them.

Here is what you must know regarding SEO in 2020, as well as the practical ways you can implement these techniques and see results.

Essential SEO Trends and Strategies For 2020

Optimize your Site for Voice Search: Research from last year shows that more people spent an average of the total sum of 3hours on their mobile devices. But, before then, let’s back up a bit.

In 2015, SEO giants, Google, revealed that in over ten countries, including Japan and the USA, more users engaged mobile search more than desktop search. Shortly afterward (2018 precisely), more than half of website traffic was noted to come from mobile devices instead of desktops.

Mobile search is growing stronger, and one thing that is evolving alongside mobile technology is the ease of use. As technology is shifting towards a more comfortable lifestyle, so should your website. You can integrate tools like Online Writers Rating to optimize the quality of your content.

Since the birth of Apple’s Siri and Google’s Voice Assistant, users have continued to explore and incorporate their services for a wide variety of needs, including web search.

This year, more users are predicted to engage in voiced internet activity. Also, the trend will prove to have outstanding marketing potentials, to say the least. Optimizing your website for Voiced Search in 2020 is, therefore, a smart move to set up your site for SEO dominance.

Optimize your Site for Speed: Studies from recent years show that over the years, the attention span of users has been getting progressively less. Generally, users always expect an optimal ratio of speed throughout their mobile experience, even online as well.

Studies show that more users will leave a webpage if it continually takes longer to load web links. Many will argue that the content will keep them as that was what they were searching for in the first place. Other studies show that more users were likely to bookmark and return to sites that offered a better user experience, especially with speed.

Optimize your Site for Video Playback: Video content is rumored to be a major hit this year as it should have at least an 85% consumption rate. As a result, services from video content optimization experts will be much sorted after, and prices will progressively increase. Therefore, one of the most important SEO trends in 2020 will be Video SEO.

Some of the essential aspects of video content that can be optimized for SEO include Channel Name, Channel description, and Channel Keywords.

Try to integrate more YouTube keywords into your videos’ keyword elements to give your channel higher rankings on Google. Apply the same technique in the video description also. You can also link more SEO optimized video content to your website. Also, make sure that all videos advertised on your site by marketers, affiliates, third parties, etc. are appropriately optimized.

Also, ensure that you optimize your video content for optimal viewing on desktop as well as on mobile.

Focus On Your Content’s Value Instead of Keywords: Content Marketing is expected to hit the Three-Hundred-Billion-Dollar industries benchmark this year. This development also means that SEO companies are going to place a lot of relevance on the overall quality of content.

Gone are the days where developing content based on keywords was an acceptable SEO strategy. Google recently launched a new campaign targeted at ensuring that readers have easy access to content that satisfies the specific intents of their search. Content developers will have to focus more on the informative, innovative, and educational qualities of their web-content instead of placing priority on keywords.

This way, web-content will no longer be created merely for SEO ranking benefits. The focus will shift to providing customers with valuable content as Google intends to ensure that such thrives better on SEO rankings.

Optimize Titles and Descriptions for CTR: If more users click on your web-link for a particular search query, it simply means that your website title is significant. Search engines like Google will instantly consider your website to have the necessary answers for that keyword and will, therefore, rank you higher.

If more and more people click on your web-link for a particular search, your website’s Click Through Rate (CTR) will automatically improve.  Your website’s CTR is an essential factor for strengthening your site’s SEO rankings.

Optimize your Site for Better Mobile Experience: The ratio by which mobile search queries dominate desktop queries is on the increase and looks to continue that way. Google predicts that the number of mobile users is going to increase in 2020. The SEO giants, therefore, recommends that everyone should focus on creating more mobile-friendly websites. They point out that the focus should be to create websites that are responsive and produce high-quality across all devices.

Meanwhile, while trying to optimize your sites to fit Google’s “Mobile First” recommendations, be careful not to abandon desktop optimization. Remember that Google crawls both the mobile and desktop versions of your site. Therefore, you should pay adequate attention to the two variants even though you are giving more preference to the mobile variant.

You should work on replacing the traditional “M. Version” of your website with a more responsive design that works smoothly across multiple devices. While doing this, try to ensure that your site passes the usability test. Users are more likely to hit the Back Button if they experience difficulties navigating your website.

To give the best mobile experience, you should ensure the following:

  • Give priority to mobile page speed and load time
  • Ensure optimized images
  • Ensure optimized dynamic elements including videos and other graphic content
  • Ensure a mirrored experience across multiple, if not all devices

Final Words:

2020 is going to feature a dynamic twist across many formerly popular SEO concepts. Also, there will be a radical increase in mobile traffic. Following that will be an increase in demand for visual content, especially videos and images, as well as several other changes.

The majority of transformations will be as a result of the continually changing user behavior and developments in science and technology. Websites are also advised, among other things, to focus on Mobile First friendly websites. “Mobile First” websites are projected to influence 80% of the mobile traffic to be generated in 2020 as well as other benefits.

Surely, there’ll be more updates as the year unfolds.

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