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5 Reasons to Develop a Social Media Posting Schedule

You already know how important it is to post frequently on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. That causes a big challenge, however. How is it possible to post enough on each social channel while taking care of all the other responsibilities inside your business?

Building out a posting schedule for your social platforms is vital. Here are the five reasons for taking the time to create your content calendar.

Save Your Time

Using an organized posting schedule helps turn your social activity into an efficient process. A calendar tracks what to post and when. It also becomes an assignment board that tells all team members what their duties are.

Looking ahead with a posting schedule brings the extra benefit of saving time in terms of researching future posts and topics. The process allows for an understanding of what’s coming and avoids scrambling at the final moment.

Keep Your Business Organized

This is one of the most important reasons for using a content calendar. You’re able to see all previously published content when everything is already organized.

A social posting schedule provides a snapshot of all topics and allows you and your team to keep a fresh perspective. The result is social platforms that remain balanced between various kinds of content used.

Remain Up-to-Date

A social media content calendar makes sure your published content works in tandem with related events and campaigns. This helps maintain a schedule for marrying current content with specific launches and makes sure that each piece of published content is valuable to the growth of the company.

Here are examples of when this comes into play:

  • What industry news should your company comment on?
  • Which video or blog content have you published that must be promoted via social?
  • What upcoming conference do you need to talk about?

Your calendar can provide reminders about any type of time-sensitive content in order to ensure timely social activity that mirrors what’s happening inside your company and industry.

Remain Relevant

Planning out social content creates an environment where the entire team is connected and has time to provide feedback to one another. This facilitates a process for staying relevant because only the best content gets released.

Employees from various departments can make quality choices for where to use their unique knowledge on each channel. For example, the customer service department can bring their client complaint knowledge to the forefront and make sure some social content answers customer questions in a proactive manner.

Overall, staying relevant on all social platforms keeps your customers engaged more effectively and improves your company’s ability to close sales and increase revenue.

Improve Credibility

Using a posting schedule to remain consistent across all social channels is your initial opportunity to build credibility and trust with people discovering your business for the first time.

New fans can easily tell whether the majority of your posts are self-serving or whether you’re focused on educational content that teaches them well. Taking the educational content approach and posting it consistently reveals how deeply you understand your best prospects.

You’re able to set and meet the expectations of social followers because your content calendar teaches them when to expect posts from your accounts. Fans always feel more connected to companies when they start to get a feel for when posts will occur and are confident that the content is worth digesting. All of this adds up to building far more credibility with your audience than when posting haphazardly.

If you’ve been delaying making the decision to use a social content calendar because you were unaware of the benefits, then it’s time to stop putting it off.

Your competitors are sure to become wise to the advantages, as well. Failing to turn your social postings from random, ineffective activities into structured, timely events is only inviting your customers to switch to a company that takes this situation more seriously.

With just a little more planning and thought, your business can tweet, comment, post and share efficiently and effectively. The overall benefits realized are more user engagement, more sales, and improved revenue over time.

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