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How to Get More Sales with Facebook Ads – 13 Proven Techniques

Advertising on Facebook gives you access to a very large audience. Facebook continually collects data about user’s activity, interests, likes and what users engage with and follow. This data helps you specify exactly who you want your ad to be placed in front of, and if you get your demographics right, you massively increase conversion to a click to your website and potentially a sale.

Here are 13 of the very best ways to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads:

#1 Be very specific in your target audience – You may have a product or service that is of interest to many people. Instead of using one ad to target a wide demographic. Split your audience into specifics, gender, age group, a specific interest group, geographic location.

#2 Use a video ad – Even if you don’t have the budget or time to shoot a fancy video, you can still create a video from a series of still images. Pick a few key photographs that capture interest, add some subtitles to emphasize your key message.

#3 Keep video ads to 30 secs or less – Take a minute to think about how you scroll through Facebook. “People are browsing and scrolling, they do not have time or patience to watch a 2-3 min video. You have a second to get their attention. If they know it’s only 30 secs long they are much more likely to watch it to the end and follow through on your call to action,” says Anna Matthews, Facebook manager at Australia2write.

#4 Always have a Call to Action – Think about the purpose of your ad, what action has to happen for the ad to be successful. That maybe click on a link, share your content, like your page. Just make sure you give them instructions on what you want them to do.

#5 Maximise the number of shares/likes for each Ad – In #1 we talked about having multiple audiences & ads. This cuts down on the number of likes per ad. Use a post on your page as the base for your ad, and then select “use existing post” option when creating the new ads. Keep doing this for each group and all likes will count on the same post.

#6 Optimise each stage of the sales funnel – “Be sure to change the message for each audience based on their previous interaction with you. For those first-timers to your page, brand awareness, maybe enough, for those who have liked your page or engaged, maybe a special offer,” suggests Thomas Wills, social media writer at Britstudent. Only give sales messages to those already further along the buying process who’ve already got to know you.

#7 Think like your Audience – Create an ad you would want to say yes to. What images look attractive, what would catch your eye in your news feed, what offer do you think you NEED. If your ad answers yes to all 3 of these, its good to go.

#8 Don’t always be selling products or services – Give value and information that your customers will appreciate, a special offer if they tag who they would buy it for, a how-to guide or something informative if they provide their email for you to send it to

#9 Think about Ad copy – It’s not just images that people pay attention to. Starting your heading with a number or using emojis in the copy can give the text an interesting spin, and look appealing.

#10 Boost an existing successful Post – Review previous posts for their engagement level. Pick those that got the most engagement and boost them to a wider audience. You can choose to boost to a new audience or those who already liked you.

#11 Use a poll to encourage engagement – People love answering questions about themselves and finding out how they rank against others. Ask them a question and use the responses to create a new post based on popular answers.

#12 Split Test Ads – always run an A/B test on titles, images, copy and be sure to check back on what works best. Then use similar styles with your next ads.

#13 Stay focused on your cost per conversion – Whilst it may seem great to receive hundreds of click for a lower price if they are not converting its wasted money. Focus on quality leads not quantity.

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