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Utilization of Social Media to Market Mobile App

Image source: Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

When it comes to marketing apps, the most important consideration is the discoverability of the app. You need to make your app discoverable to your audience first. The app discoverability across social media channels can be very impactful for app marketing. In this regard, it is noteworthy to remember that a lot of people listen to what their near and dear ones say as for deciding to download an app.

According to a study, more than 50% of people are able to discover apps through the recommendations of their family members, friends, and colleagues. Naturally, app developers have to give a lot of value to the social media marketing strategy to reach out to their target audience.

Here through the length of this post, we are going to explain the key tactics for effective social media marketing of apps. 

Use Paid Ads on Social Media

  • Paid ads or sponsored posts on social media platforms are tremendously effective to target your intended audience and explain the value proposition of your app to them. There is no surprise in the fact that social media ads drive nearly 49% of mobile app downloads. As the organic reach for brands is steadily decreasing over the years, reaching out to the users through paid ads became now extremely popular.
  • To make your paid ads work through social channels, you need to select social platforms that are most aligned to your target audience. Obviously all social media channels are not equally useful for all niches, and that is why you need to have a solid strategy for choosing social platforms for ads or sponsored posts. 
  • As for making an ads strategy, another important thing is to deliver a mix of content instead of just focusing on a single type of content. 
Image source: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Content is King on Social Media as Well

  • “Content is King”, this expression almost became a repetitive cliche for web and SEO marketers who depend a lot on the credibility and reliability of content for achieving their marketing goals. But the role of great content isn’t just limited to the website and search engine ranking. Content is also the king of social media presence. To do your social media marketing successfully, you not just need to produce good content, but you need to produce a lot of quality content at the same time.
  • There are some ground rules for creating quality content. It starts with relevance. You need to produce content that your target audience will find most relevant or useful. Secondly, you need to deliver content that delivers better usability and relevance than your competitor brands. Thirdly, you need to make a framework for content that can easily boost readability. Lastly, you need to use a variety of content comprising visuals, video files, infographics, statistics, user-generated content, etc. 

Utilizing Social Media Influencers 

  • Some people across social media platforms dominate a larger audience than other content producers. Some people are given extreme importance when it comes to recommendations and suggestions. These people are social media influencers who can really give your brand a lot of fresh audiences and boost the discoverability of your app for a wider audience. We all know the huge impact these social media influencers can really play for app marketing.
  • Well, the question is how to get on board the social media influencers your app needs most. Obviously, hiring a celebrity to talk about your app and how it helps is as expensive and challenging as the traditional media ads. On the other hand, you need to target influencers who are most relevant to your industry niche. 
  • To start with, you can target several influencers who have a neat but not-so-big audience. Over time these multiple influencers talking about your app in different contexts can actually give more exposure to your app. You can provide free access to the premium version of your app in exchange. Or else, you can partner such influencers, and in exchange, you can market their products through your website. All niche influencers having specific interest and expertise will naturally take an interest in apps that add some value to the industry, and the moment they find your app interesting or unique they can easily agree to talk about it in their own circles. 
Image source: Image by narciso1 from Pixabay

User-Generated Content

  • These days, customers or users of products are increasingly becoming marketers without really knowing their roles. Well, a satisfied user boasting of the usability and relevance of a particular app in a small informally shot video clip is great marketing material, particularly because without really giving any direct marketing message it influences the would-be users of the app. In marketing, the importance of this user-generated content is steadily increasing.
  • Since a vast majority of users get easily influenced by peer recommendations, user-generated content as the visible and recognizable social proof can really influence the audience in a never-before manner. The number of these people stands way higher than the audience who has an opinion about products through ads.
  • As for generating relevant, useful and quality user-generated content from the target audience, you can make a direct request to your target audience and encourage them to share videos and images that showcase the usability of the product. You also need to have a clear objective behind using user-generated content. It can vary from raising awareness to building trust to enhance business conversion.
  • Lastly, remember some social media platforms particularly do well when it comes to user-generated content. As user-generated content becomes more credible thanks to visuals, using images and videos will be more effective than other types of content such as user-generated text or infographics. This is why Instagram and Pinterest are such effective social channels for brands with a consistent marketing strategy bent on user-generated content.


Social media marketing is cheap and accessible for all businesses, irrespective of their niche and size. But this is also the reason why social media marketing of mobile apps should be creative enough to create a sense of sophistication, relevance, and usefulness with the app.

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