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Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips to Boost Sales

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites with over a billion active users every month, and with such numbers, it is too big a platform for marketers and businesses to ignore. More than 60 million pictures are posted each day on Instagram, with close to 6 billion likes given on the platform. Instagram started as a platform where people simply shared pictures, but it has grown to become an integral part of our social lives, and a giant marketing platform with influencers, brand ambassadors and marketers, some who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars for making just one Instagram post, marketing a product. The following are powerful marketing tips that can be used to boost sales. 

Instagram Business Profile

It may seem mundane, but turning your Instagram profile into a business profile should be the first step of an Instagram marketing plan. This is as easy as clicking “Switch to Business Profile” on the account. Some of the benefits of having a business profile include allowing your followers to get in touch with you as the account allows you to link your email and phone number on the page. The business account also allows you to create ads that you can publish to reach a wider audience than just your followers. There are analytics tools called Insights that allow you to track your ad statistics, assessing the impressions and the reach that your posts get. “The business profile on Instagram offers you free perks that you should use to understand the audience that you have access to as well as track the metrics of the account,” says Jill Sullivan, Marketing Director at and

Sponsored Ads

Instagram is today filled with a lot of ads, which show that businesses continue to recognize the value that Instagram has when it comes to marketing needs. The good thing about Instagram ads is that you can control how much you spend on them as you can set an ad budget. This allows you to have one sponsored ad or multiple, depending on the budget you have. Previously, the target audience was usually users following your account but sponsored posts have allowed a wider reach for Instagram posts, allowing you to tailor your ads to anyone who fits the intended audience. Existing posts can also be turned into sponsored ads which will give past posts a wider reach as well.

 Influencers are Important

Partnering with influencers is the best way of reaching a lot of potential customers. Influencers usually have their own audiences and a large following. People are increasingly buying products because they have seen those products advert sued by an influencer they like. Their followers usually trust them, and partnering with these influencers will definitely boost your sales as your brand will be exposed to more users. “First of all, identify influencers whose audience is relevant to the products or services you are offering, then build a relationship with the influencer and contract them to market your products,” advises Michael Grant, a digital marketer at and

Know the Right Time to Post 

Strike a good balance between over-posting and under-posting. Too much posting turns off followers, and too little posting drains away from your follower’s interest. If all your followers see is our brand, then they will possibly unfollow you. You need to post consistently, ensuring that you stay within your followers’ feed regularly, and this can be achieved through posting during peak days and peak hours when there is high engagement on Instagram. You can set a timetable that allows you to be consistent in your posting without overwhelming the followers. In Instagram marketing, it is important that you post the right kind of content to your current customers, as well as ensure that you bring in new followers to increase the viewership of the content. Ensure you post at the right time and be consistent in your posting. Posting can be scheduled and metrics tracked to ensure that your efforts are fruitful.

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