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How to Deliver an Effective Social Media Campaign in another language

Would you like to develop a social media campaign that transcends language barriers in order to succeed around the world? If so, you’ll need a versatile campaign strategy, plenty of energy and a decent translation company. Here’s how to mix them all together to maximize your chances of running one of the best marketing campaigns your company has ever seen.

What is a social media campaign?

A social media campaign is a marketing effort that uses social media to pursue business goals. When you’re developing a campaign strategy that incorporates multiple languages, those business goals may relate to more than one country.

Why is having a social media campaign strategy important?

Having a social media campaign strategy is important for various reasons. It allows you to take a coordinated approach to social media marketing in order to support business goals. An effective social media strategy can mean more customers, happier customers and a booming online reputation for your business.

How to create a social media campaign

If you’re ready to create a multilingual social media campaign, you’ll first need to identify the social networks that are most important to you. Usage rates differ from country to country, so you’ll need to first list your target countries and then find out which networks they use.

According to Vincos’ world map of social networks, Facebook is pretty much king of all of the western world. However, if you’re targeting Russia then V Kontakte should be top of your priority list, while in China it should be QZone. If your campaign encompasses countries in the Middle East, you might need to focus on Facebook, Instagram or Odnoklassniki.

It’s also worth considering social network penetration rates. Statista reports that social network penetration ranges from 99% in the UAE to 13% in Nigeria (by way of comparison, it’s 70% in the US and 66% in the UK). You might have some superb social media campaign ideas, but if you’re aiming them at a country where social media penetration is very low, you may struggle to obtain hugely impressive results.

Who needs professional translation services?

If you’re planning a social media strategy that incorporates different countries, then you do!

What is a translation company? It’s a business that converts copy in one language into the copy in another language. Finding the best professional translation services that your budget will allow is essential if you’re looking to successfully undertake a multilingual social media campaign.

Not all professional translation services are equal. What is a good translation company? It’s one that’s respected and well-reviewed as a result of its timely delivery of accurate, high-quality translations. A decent international translation company will offer a range of additional services, such as interpretation and localization.

Why is localization important?

Tapping into localization expertise is essential in order to engage new audiences appropriately and effectively. That’s because localization takes translation to the next level. It adapts marketing messages to suit the particular cultural expectations and quirks of the target audience. This allows you to deliver a social media campaign that stands a far higher chance of effectively engaging your audience (and a far lower chance of inadvertently offending them!).

Knowing your audience and shaping your campaign to suit them can have a huge impact, so be sure to choose a global translation company with solid localization expertise.

Should I use machine translation?

No! At least, not if you want to maximize your campaign’s chance of success. Any online translation company will easily be able to show you the difference in quality between machine translation and human translation. Machine translation has the advantage of being free, but it’s also considerably less accurate than human translation. So don’t use it!

Preparing for your longer-term translation needs

Launching your multilingual social media campaign is just the start of a long process of customer engagement. If you launch your campaign in Spanish, for example, and translate in Spanish to deliver your social media marketing ideas, then the response you get will also be in Spanish. That means you’ll need Spanish to English translation services in order to continue to understand the responses – and then ongoing professional translation services in order to take the conversations forward.

Ready, set, launch!

If you’re eager to launch your social media campaign in another language, start by tracking down the right professional translation services online. Identify your target countries and social networks and brush up on your social media marketing tips.

Remember to appoint a translation company that provides multiple services. You might need a social media translator now, but what about when you also need a website translator to translate website content in order to serve all those customers that your social media marketing has engaged? Ensure you find an online translator that can be with you every step of the way in order to deliver the smoothest and most effective campaign possible.

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