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Why and How to Utilize Instagram to the Best of Your App Marketing?

Many teenagers and millennials think about Instagram as the free social media platform for sharing photos and videos. Well, they are not entirely wrong, but only tagging it like an image sharing medium is a terrible understatement. Instagram is the trending marketing platform for a multitude of startups and small business brands all over the world. 

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If you have a mobile app and want to bring more traffic to your app, Instagram is an invaluable choice in your marketing mix. Instagram can help you drive a more organic audience to your website and mobile app. Many experienced app developers who built a number of small business apps found Instagram more effective for creating the first round of buzz and applause for the app. 

Let’s explain some of the reasons to use Instagram for your app marketing before explaining the time-tested methods to use Instagram for app marketing.

Helps You Establish a Connection With the Audience Easily  

Though Instagram has all the paid advertising features like Facebook, it offers the additional advantage of establishing a connection with the audience in a more organic manner. Most of the time, without spending a penny, you can reach out to your target audience and get great marketing results by just making great Instagram posts. 

Unlike other channels where you need to spend on paid ads to build a follower base, Instagram allows you to gain easy visibility just through organic means. If you are on Instagram, you can easily reach out to millions of audience just with regular and effective posts. 

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Advanced Social Targeting On Instagram 

Instagram offers a robust ad platform to help to target with social media ads more perfectly. Instagram allows you to target an audience selected as per parameters such as age, interests, behavior, and location. Apart from these precise targeting options, the platform also offers effective retargeting means. You can retarget the audience based upon your audience interactions with your Instagram posts. 

Sales and Lead Tracking Through Instagram Ads 

Another great advantage of using Instagram as a marketing channel is that you can track the sales and lead generation for each of your Instagram ads and thus can keep track of the revenue generation. These tracking capabilities and inbuilt analytics also help marketers to carry out A/B testing for each campaign and take measures steps. 

Instagram Helps to Tap Into the Uncharted Customer Base

Instagram users are more trendy and are generally attracted to creative concepts than the audience if other platforms. Naturally, if your app has a unique value proposition, you can easily reach out to a larger audience. The platform can help marketers to tap on customer bases that still remained mostly uncharted by their competitors.

How to Utilize Instagram to the Best of your Advantage? 

Now that you are convinced about the huge advantages of Instagram for marketing an app let us explain some of the most effective and time-tested measures to utilize Instagram for app marketing. 

Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay 

Give Priority to Creativity 

Creativity is a key aspect common to most successful marketers who generate good traction and audience through the Instagram channel. Your creativity in posts and campaigns should always focus on the practical advantages for the customers or users rather than the solution you provide. When you can show your value proposition creatively and engagingly, you can easily boost visibility and traffic. 

Brand Story on Instagram 

Instagram stories are a great way to boost brand engagement. Instagram stories are very effective in engaging the audience and establish a connection with the audience. Here are the three steps to create Instagram stories. 

• A superb brand description loaded with key information about what you are, what you do, and the respective app link is crucial to the marketing campaign success. 

• Mentioning other influential Instagrammers of your niche will help you draw wider attention. Remember, your post should always contain something of their interest for the sake of making it work. 

• Lastly, use relevant hashtags based on search volume for boosting post visibility. 

Unique Hashtags for Your App Brand

Not just Instagram stories, but every type of content on the platform works well with hashtags for reaching out to the wider audience. Include a branded hashtag about your app with each post on your app. Hashtags not only boost visibility if your Instagram posts, hashtags working as the search terms or keywords actually boost engagement of your target audience who are looking for a similar type of content. Hashtags on Instagram channel boosts the scope of getting likes to a great extent.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay 

Give Your Audience a Behind-The-Scenes Tour 

Instagram is viewed as a social media channel that boasts of posting content that reveals more than the surface value of a brand, product, or service. This is why most successful brands, as part of their Instagram marketing endeavors, always publish content that gives a peek into the behind-the-scenes reality of business brands. Since customers are always curious about the ingredients, source, and making of the products they buy, such content gains more engagement and generates more sales and business conversion. 

When your app is going to launch, you can just reveal visuals comprising app sketches, some visuals describing the inspiration behind the app, and the people making this dream come true app possible. By knowing the actual people and the story of the making of the app, your audience will feel more engaged with the app they are yet to download and use. 


Finally, Instagram, as a visual medium, always needs creative use of visuals to make your story or to establish your point. By making a good mix of a variety of content types, one can utilize Instagram to the advantage of app marketing. 

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