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Twitter Provides Key Tips for More Effective Tweet Copy

Microblogging sites have become the single most successful avenues for marketing in 2020. Twitter is no exception and if anything, it has become a necessary platform for marketers of today. With the total number of monthly active Twitter users reaching 330 million and Twitter mobile users accounting for 80% of the total users – Twitter is practically a gold mine for potential customers.

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These impressive statistics aside, it isn’t easy to make an impression about your brand on Twitter considering the stiff competition. So what can you do besides creative pictures and short interesting videos? Believe it or not, it is the copy that you write that can make the biggest impression on the readers. And with a word count limitation on Tweets, it’s even more challenging to include enough details, call to action, and emoji – all in that one Tweet.

Well, it is do-able with the right technique and what better person to guide you than Twitter’s very own Global Creative Lead, Joe Wadlington.

How to Write an Effective Tweet Copy?

Joe recently came forward with a new program called ‘Good Copy, Bad Copy’ – Where he gives simple tips that help businesses improve their Tweet copy and make it effective, resulting in maximum engagement.

So let’s go through them one by one.

  • Remove All Caps: According to Joe and the majority of us, it looks like you are shouting and it is quite unappealing even in writing. Not to mention it isn’t the most effective way to get the message across.
  • Don’t Over-Indulge in Hashtags: Joe explained an example of a supposed product (Twitter’s Agency Playbook) that is being sold through a Tweet and stressed on the fact that one or two Hashtags are enough. In the case of the example, he was showing he suggested that the hashtags are not required at all and a simple URL will do the trick.

If you are wondering how does that makes sense, since Twitter is all about hashtags – then according to the research, it was deduced that one or two hashtags in a tweet generate maximum results. The credit for this change goes largely to the usage behavior that keeps evolving and with the current trends in place, it is best to exclude the hashtags entirely (keeping the focus entirely on the concise message).

  • Percentages Instead of the Dollar Sign: Twitter study has shown that users gravitate towards tweets that have percentages when speaking about discounts than the dollar sign. For example, “10% off on this product” than “10$ cheaper” so on and so forth.
  • Make Use of the Website Cards: Joe explained how website cards give so much oomph to the promotional tweet and fill in the ‘visual’ aspect of the tweet as well. If you do not have a Twitter website card enabled on your website then it is best to switch them on. There are four simple steps and you are all set!
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All you have to do is add in a line of code to your site and Twitter will do its magic by pulling in the summary and image info from your website to make the card for you. A few things will happen.

  • Your tweet will look professional.
  • Users will have more click-through space in a tweet.
  • You will have to add in the URL at the end of the tweet for this website card to work.
  • Do not include hashtags after the URL.
  • Fin.
  • Less is Morein Writing: Believe it or not, this is what Joe said stating a Bad Copy example that displayed a lot of text which Joe said can distract people from the actual message.

Here’s the Bad Copy: “So very excited to reveal our 2020 calendar! It includes the top events for sports, entertainment, conferences and more. Use it to target these high engagement occasions!

After Joe’s correction of the first line: “Excited to reveal our 2020 calendar.”

  • Make the tweet taller: Taking the above example he placed a space between the first shorter line and the rest of the text. Taller tweet gives more of a presence and places focus on Call To Action.
  • Add Explicit Call to Action: Joe stated that make that call to action visible and to the point. So as an example he included “Download Now” in the second sentence of the tweet.

These were the invaluable tips from the guru himself on how to write a tweet copy that sells. Businesses can really make use of these insights as they reflect the latest Twitter user behavioral studies and reports.

Tweet copy is a great way to maximize engagement, reach, and conversion. But what are the other ways that can help businesses with organic reach?

Tactics to Increase Twitter Reach

  1. Know Your Audience: Don’t just shoot the arrow in the air, but research on your audience, their likes and dislikes. This way you can target specific keywords and hashtags that suit your buyers.
  2. Speak to Your Followers: Follow the 80/20 rule where 20% of your content is promotional and 80% is engaging and creative; something that speaks to the followers and is relatable.
  3. Include less and Relevant Hashtags: As Joe said using two hashtags is enough and in most cases, excluding them entirely is better. Nonetheless, the right hashtags will give you the right reach to the right potential customers.
  4. Tweet at the Right Time: You need to know the best time to tweet; preferably when the usage is high, so you can land on their news feed and get your content seen.
  5. Personalization is the key: As a brand interacting with people who engage with your brand is a great way to connect and build online relationships and nurture these leads.
  6. Use Images: This is basics at this point. Nothing attracts more than greatly executed images that convey most of your message.

That’s all folks! With the pace of social media usage is changing, the marketing trends need to shift accordingly and since the content is the most crucial aspect – tweet copy needs to be impeccable. A tweet that is easy to read without too much imposing and has a subtle yet explicit call to action will do the job right.

Twitter is an impressive app that has paved the way for other app development companies to take Twitter as an example of what a complete and cohesive social app is. Since among the many apps available for marketing, Twitter has remained unbeaten as one of the go-to platforms for marketing.

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