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How you can use LinkedIn to Amplify your Live Event Experience

Do you want to boost attendance and exposure for your upcoming event? Do you want to build more connections and gain more leads for your brand through live events? If yes, Linkedin is one of the best platforms to use.

LinkedIn is a social media platform that allows professionals to host their résumés and seek jobs online. It’s a network where people boost their credibility through recommendations, publishing articles, answering questions, and so on.

With over 650 million users, people can connect, build rapport, and hype their program easily. In this article, we will be showing you how you can use Linkedin to boost your live event experience.

How You Can Use LinkedIn to Amplify Your Live Event Experience

#Before The Event

There is a list of things you need to do in preparation for an event to help create awareness and boost attendance for the event, and they are:

  1. Start On Time

The time you start building awareness for an event is significant, and the recommended time is nothing less than six weeks before the event. This ensures that you have enough time to create awareness and sensitize the audience about your event.

A perfect analogy is the movie industry. Observing the length of time a movie is promoted before its launch will give you an idea of the amount of work that goes into promoting any serious event.

2. Consistency

It is not enough to promote your event on time; you must also be consistent about sharing informative, relevant, and useful content about your live event. This is because, by consistently making posts about your live event, it enhances engagement and creates more awareness about the event.

A great way to ensure you consistently post about your event is to schedule posts ahead of time. There are a lot of social media scheduling apps that can help you schedule and publish content about your event on LinkedIn.

3. Use Both Your Personal And Company Profile’s To Promote The Event

 A way to sensitize your audience is to always keep your personal and company profiles updated about the event. Personal pages are the most popular kind of pages on LinkedIn, therefore, it is essential to always use your personal page when trying to create awareness for any live event. There are also additional benefits a personal page gives that a company page does not, and these include:

  • The ability to send personal messages and connection requests
  • The ability to use LinkedIn in Publisher
  • People are more comfortable engaging with other people than they are with companies
  • People will more readily follow a personal page before a business page

Company pages are also essential because they give a lot more detailed information about the business, what your brand stands for, and also about your event. There are a lot of ways to boost the visibility of your company page on LinkedIn, which will also go a long way in promoting your live event.

4. Create A Hashtag

Create a LinkedIn hashtag affiliated with the event because when audiences click on the hashtag, it will help them quickly see everything related to the event. After the hashtag has been created, promote it by tagging it to every post you make about your event.

It is vital to make sure that your hashtag is short,unique, memorable, and related to your event.

5. Upload Video Clips About The Coming Event

Since 2018, LinkedIn has continued to enhance the video capabilities of its platform because they noticed that people are twenty times more likely to share video content. Therefore, take out time to create and share a lot of video content about your event.

Your videos don’t have to be anything formal or polished. You can shoot short clips of interviews, previous attendees, previous guest speakers, and so on. Upload these videos on your LinkedIn page and add the event hashtag.

Remember, you must understand the laws guiding the posting of events on social media. Be sure that participants are allowed to share snippets of the event. Also, before you cover a person on video or pictures, get their permission.

6. Create A Call To Action

The next step is to create a short post detailing program information with a clear call to action. CTAs like dropping a link where they can register, pages where they can connect can also help you properly market your event in order to boost attendance.

7. Leverage LinkedIn Groups

On LinkedIn groups, you will find a niche of people who share similar interests. Therefore, join several groups to enable you to properly advertise and create an awareness of the upcoming event.

To find a group, click on the search bar, and GROUPS will pop up on your extreme right. Click on it to open the groups’ page, and then type your keyword on the search bar. This will result in a selection of groups that match your interests.

When you are accepted into the group, start engaging with members in the group before sharing content about your event. This will make sure you get the appropriate reaction.

#During The Event

Your event has been properly promoted, and it’s about to commence, below are a few things you must do to enhance the event.

Allow Comments/Conversation

Conversations are the lifeblood of any event. They make any event more engaging and interactive. Therefore, make sure comments are being responded to in real-time.

Note: Responding to comments can get very distracting; therefore, it is always wise to delegate this task to someone else.

#After The Event

Your event is over but your work is not done. There is a list of things you need to do which include:

8. Share key takeaways from the event

Those who could attend and could not attend the event will expect some valuable takeaways from the live event. These takeaways will also ensure more people in the future attend your next event.

Therefore, share snippets from the event to your audience by posting pictures, outstanding keynotes, quotes, and so on. You can also use professional writers like Best Writers Online to help adequately summarize your event in a writeup.

Some crucial things these writeups should contain include:

  • The title of the different sessions
  • Photos and names of the speakers
  • A summary of each session
  • And your key takeaway from the various sessions


The engaging and professional LinkedIn layout makes it the perfect place for amplifying your event experience. And you can do this at three levels; before, during, and after the event. Amplifying your event on LinkedIn will give you a larger audience while boosting your brand credibility.

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