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How Hashtags Can Promote Your Brand Effectively

We can’t avoid hashtags; in fact, we use them daily because we all use social media platforms from where it all started. By this time, 97% of the best global brands are using hashtags already.

The pound sign ‘#’ what we call hashtag popularly is placed before a word or a group of words like #buyfresh #marketing #healthyliving etc. When used correctly, you can achieve tons of benefits. We see them more often on the Instagram profile of businesses because they enable people to generate buzz for their brands. It makes it easier for people to follow and follow conversations.

The question is how to use them correctly?

If you are running a small business and want to master the art of using hashtags for your brand’s social media marketing, then you have landed on the right place.

Ten Hashtag Marketing Best Practices For Brand Promotion

1.      Maximize Organic Reach

Ever since social media services applied the algorithm method, expanding organic reach and engagement has become a lot harder. To gain the strategic benefit of hashtags and boost reach, users need to create a perfect post using relevant hashtags. To cut through the noise, you need to pick hashtags for your content that are proven to be popular. But make sure that you don’t spam your people with popular but irrelevant hashtags just for fame.

2.      Hashtags For Brand Awareness

You can increase your viewership, audience, searchability, and attract potential customers only when people know your brand. An established method for generating brand awareness in your specific niche is to create a hashtag that boosts your brand. A very effective best practice to develop a great hashtag is to choose something unique but brief and consistent with the brand. If you want to create an everlasting impression, you need to can post a picture with the caption that evokes an emotional reaction, laugh, or anger. This is a great idea to capture their attention and compel them to share the post.

3.      Contest and Giveaways Strategy

There are several reasons to develop a social media posting schedule. Still, if you don’t schedule a post announcing a contest or a giveaway, then your consumers are less likely to use your hashtag. Contests and campaigns are used excessively by big and small brands as part of social media marketing and have a start and end date. Brands use hashtags usually as a condition to enter the contest, but marketers also use it to track the conversation rate. So,

4.      Gathering User-Generated Content

Now, if you’ve finally planned to run a contest, you can ask followers to submit their content to enter the contest. But don’t forget to tell them that they will receive social media returns or a gift in return. Everyone loves discounts and free stuff from brands. Many brands ask their followers to share their photos. For instance, KitKat receives thousands of pictures of customers enjoying the product at their happy moments. When you pair the user-generated content with your promotional hashtag, then your opportunities to get success in your niche doubles. The reason is straightforward. The followers who submit their content also share it on their profile and other pages, and that’s how your hashtag spreads.

5.      Community Building With Hashtag

You can build a whole community around a single hashtag. But you must coin a spot-on hashtag for your campaign so that your audience can communicate and connect with each other through it. The idea of building a community is to find out people with similar values in your niche and society as they will help businesses to thrive. Remember that your hashtag should not be unrelated to your community, or it will create annoyance among the people. Based on how much your content goes viral, it is a winning technique to increase reach.

6.      Raising Awareness on Social Topics

To make the power of hashtag work for you, engaging in social topics like women empowerment, wage gaps, LGBT rights, sexual health, neutral bathrooms, etc. can result in the bulk of user-generated content. This strategy will help you to spread awareness among people about sensitive topics as well as about your own brand.  In fact, you will gain an ethical, socially responsible image by doing something good for the people associated with you. For example, many beauty bloggers promoted themselves by posting YoutTube tutorial videos of a makeover on scarred survivors and showed their solidarity with acid attack victims.

7.      Engage In Trending Hot Topics

If you are new to the business, you may also need trending hashtags for making your brand looks visible in the crowd. It’s a great idea to increase your content reach by making posts on the topic that are discussed by everyone. The results got better when the hot topic goes perfectly fine with your post. This is a convenient approach and will help you expand your reach without making you look desperate for acceptance.

8.      Call-To-Action Hashtags

The goal of call-to-action hashtag is simple; to encourage the audience to act in a certain way involving the brand. It is an ancient marketing method that is now widely applied to the social media world. Whether you own furniture or a casual apparel store, adding CTA hashtags is a great idea to increase click and conversion. To craft your own CTA hashtag, always begin with an action word like download, call, buy, read, or click. Your hashtags must create a sense of urgency with words like now, today, tomorrow, etc. And tell them how this action will be beneficial for them. The team to do my assignment for me can attest to you that you need to put a little effort to make catchy hashtags.

9.     Create Your Own Perfect Brand Hashtag

Usually, a brand hashtag is defined as the firm’s name or its tagline. Whatever you choose as your brand hashtag, it must reflect your brand’s core business. You are advised to use it as your signature tag, so whenever you use it, you are actually marketing the product too. A pro tip is to choose a brand hashtag which is easy to say and spell.  A simple hashtag is much easier for people to remember and type. For example, if you are a low-cost merchandise retailer, you can use #discountproducts instead of #weofferbestdiscountstoyou.

10. Always Use Related Hashtags

Hashtags are perceived as a way to tie your product with your audience. No matter whatever you sell and whatever your specialty is products, services, events, location, or lifestyle, always use the relevant hashtag. For example, most health-conscious people want to connect with fitness enthusiasts on social media platforms. You should know that customers also use hashtags made by you. For instance, if you own a small coffee shop, use the most appealing picture of your and post it with #latte, and you will surely find that your customers are using it too.

Final Verdict

By now, you have actually got an idea of the best hashtag tactics that actually work for every business. The hashtag strategy, when implemented carefully, is beneficial for expanding the stage of your brand and builds meaningful relationships with your consumers that go beyond business interactions.

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