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11 Writing Tips for the Perfect Branded Content for Instagram

Instagram has become one of the strongest and most powerful marketing platforms today. Businesses, brands, companies, and personal brands are building a strong Instagram presence to ensure they have a spot on the market. They use this social media platform to showcase their products, raise brand awareness, or communicate with their target audience. This is why Instagram is a great platform for creating and publishing branded content.

Branded content is “a creator or publisher’s content that features or is influenced by a business partner for an exchange of value”. In order to make sure your branded content resonates with your target audience the way you want it to, you need to know how to write it the right way. That’s why we’ve created this list of 11 writing tips for the perfect branded content for Instagram.

Let’s break it down together.

1.       Make it Personal

Branded Instagram content needs to be different than the regular advertising posts your target audience sees every day.

Marie Fincher, a social media expert and writer at Supreme Dissertations says: “They are aware that the posts are there to promote something, but if you make it more personal, they’ll find it more believable”.

Here’s what influencers could do:

  • state that this is your personal opinion
  • talk about your specific experience
  • share personal details

The target audience has to see this is not just another generic post.

2.       Tell a Story

Storytelling is a strong marketing tool that makes your audience believe the message you’re sending. For branded Instagram content, storytelling is gold.

You should write stories that include:

  • why you started using a product
  • who recommended it to you
  • how did this collaboration happen
  • trivia or fun facts

Tell something memorable and engaging to make sure your target audience believes you.

3.       Use Everyday Language

Don’t write like a business, write like a person. Overly promotional messages might not get you the results you want.

Instead, use everyday language:

  • simple sentences
  • ordinary vocabulary
  • slang
  • abbreviations
  • jokes

These posts should sound like something you would text a friend and not like a well-thought-out promotional post.

4.       Omit Typical Marketing Messages

You know how every ad you see has that punch line or slogan that should get the target audience to react? While that might work for a typical ad, you should not use it in your branded Instagram post.

So, to make these posts more relatable and believable, you should omit:

  • slogans
  • cliché marketing messages
  • unnatural sentences
  • overly technical or robot-like structures

Try sounding more like a person and less like an ad. It will help you reach your goal.

5.       Provide Details

People want to know why the brand, product, or service you’re promoting is worth their time or money. It’s not enough for an influencer to say they love it.

People want details.

So, make sure the branded posts provide details such as:

  • specific features
  • the benefits
  • level of satisfaction
  • feedback

Give your target audience a reason to believe you by supporting your claims with some facts and real-life examples.

6.       Show Authenticity

Let’s say an influencer is partnering with a brand to promote their latest product. To make their branded content effective, they need to show their authenticity.

This means that the post has to feature the influencers:

  • style of writing
  • typical tone & voice
  • personality

People want to know for a fact that the person they’re following is the original author of the post. That’s what will make it far more trustworthy and believable.

7.       Align Your Branding

Branding is another important factor that we mustn’t forget. Even though the influencer is promoting someone else’s brand, they still need to keep their originality.

This means that the branded content has to:

  • correspond to all other posts created by this person
  • showcase their originality
  • align with their branding
  • follow their modus operandi

The post should send a clear message but follow the branding of the author.

8.       Share The Pain Points

Another great way to make better-branded content is to share the pain points that you’ve solved. Tell your audience about:

  • the issues you’ve had
  • the problems you’ve solved
  • how this is making your life easier or better

They might just recognize their own problems and relate to the content far better.

9.       Provide Value

Branded content should involve no fluff and no unnecessary details. It should aim at providing value to the target audience.

That includes:

  • facts
  • data
  • information
  • helpful tips
  • advice

Give them value and they’ll give you their attention.

10.   Create Urgency

There’s no better way to influence your target audience than to have them feel like they might miss out on a great opportunity.

Include phrases such as:

  • hurry up
  • don’t miss out
  • limited offer
  • offer expires at…

This will get them going and help you achieve better results.

11.   Write Accurately

To make your branded content believable and trustworthy, you have to show you’ve written it carefully and professionally. There cannot be any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Here’s a list of tools and services that could help you:

  • Trust My Paper– If you need someone to edit or proofread your content, send it to this online writing service.
  • Best Essay Education – Their team of professionals can turn any content into a high-quality piece of text.
  • ClassyEssay – Get the help of this writing service for anything from content creation to proofreading and editing.

Final Thoughts

Creating branded content for Instagram is a bit of a complex task. Still, with the right guidance and determination, anyone can do it.

Use the 11 writing tips we’ve shared above to create a killer writing strategy for your branded Instagram content. Use them wisely and keep track of the results.

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