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Archives: April 2020

7 Simple Ways Your Local Business Can Increase Sales with Facebook

In today’s digital era, the
majority of consumers look up a brand or a business on social media before
making any buying decisions. Having an online presence gives your potential customers
the assurance that your brand is authentic and credible,and prompts them to
engage with your products. Facebook has become a hot-spot for business pages to
reach wider audiences and expand. Small business owners, in particular, can
leverage its modern tools and opportunities to promote their brands and
dramatically improve sales. We’re providing you with a rundown of effective
strategies that can help in amplifying your business sales and revenue without
a major investment.

Create Valuable Content to Entice …

6 Common Mistakes with Customer Reviews that cost you money

No matter what kind of business you have,
customer reviews will affect the sales and profits. Getting the right reviews
can help you boost your revenue. Conversely, getting the wrong kind of
attention can hurt your business. The reason being simple – on an average of
over 90% of customers check customer reviews before they purchase products. Moreover,
more than 80% are convinced by the past experience shared in the reviews and
make their decision based on them.

Another important factor to consider is that
customer reviews not only travel through advanced means of digital marketing.
They can travel when someone is talking to their friends or simply walking …


7 Proven Ways to Acquire New Clients Through Social Media

All social media
marketing strategies may be designed differently, may have different target
audiences and even different budgets allocated towards them. Social media
marketing is essential in any industry or business. It not only helps in
attracting potential customers but it also creates brand awareness. 

What marketers need to understand is that a particular strategy that may work well for a certain brand and its audience may become a complete failure for another. At the same time, it is also important to understand that there is no one specific answer for businesses when it comes to customer acquisition via social media. There is always room …


5 Ways to Keep Customer Data Secure On Social Media

media marketing has become an essential business-hack for companies that wish
to stay relevant in the market. It boosts the chances for businesses to hit a
wider target audience within an affordable budget plan.

As the use of social media increases globally, more companies have turned to digital marketing services over traditional marketing to promote their brand and products. This has also fundamentally impacted how organizations collect and manage consumer data. Most businesses now rely on social media customer care to handle all their customer chats, which has led to an increase in security breaches and fraudulent activities taking place online.

it is …