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Archives: June 2020

How you can use LinkedIn to Amplify your Live Event Experience

Do you want to boost attendance and exposure for your
upcoming event? Do you want to build more connections and gain more leads for
your brand through live events? If yes, Linkedin is one of the best platforms
to use.

LinkedIn is a social media platform that allows
professionals to host their résumés and seek jobs online. It’s a network where
people boost their credibility through recommendations, publishing articles,
answering questions, and so on.

With over 650 million users, people can connect, build
rapport, and hype their program easily. In this article, we will be showing you
how you can use Linkedin to boost your live event …

Important trends of SEO you need to know in 2020

SEO has been around for over 15 years and still looks to hold a lot of relevance come the next 15 years. The fundamental objective of Search Engine Optimization is to ensure that websites on the internet are easy to find and understand. When implemented correctly, SEO becomes an excellent and effective marketing strategy.

keeping up with the ever-changing SEO necessities can be hectic. Looking back,
we can see that the surefire SEO tactics of 10, 5, and even one year ago, have,
and are becoming obsolete as new techniques continue to emerge.

On the
bright side, nonetheless, SEO offers an unbiased …