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Archives: February 2015

An Advanced Guide to Increase Followers for Fashion Bloggers

“The great thing about fashion is that it always looks forward.” – Oscar de la Renta

Fashion is an ever evolving thing. Fashion is always looking forward and the same is expected from the ones who write about it and celebrate it. We’re talking about you: a fashion blogger. But being a fashion blogger is a tricky job. Everyone has a different tastes, which makes it even more difficult to build followers for your fashion blog. Building audiences in social media is critical for any fashion blog.

That’s why we’ve created this extensive guide just for fashion bloggers. We hope this helps you to increase your followers on …

Insanely simple hack to 10x your Twitter shares

At Viraltag, we keep on experimenting with our content marketing efforts to make them even better. During this time, we were lucky to stumble upon some nice hacks. We wanted to share those hacks with you, hoping they would help you bloggers and marketers as well. So, we are starting a blog series ‘Grow your biz with Viraltag’.


Our first post of this series is rather a short one on how we massively increased Twitter shares by using Twitter’s Pinned tweet feature with an image attached to it.

What is Pinned Tweet

You basically pin one of your tweets to the top …


5 Social Media Marketing Resolutions to Win in 2015

Social media marketers had a good ride in 2014. Rise of new social networks, growing role of visual content, changing trends in social media and higher engagement, all indicates of better times in 2015.

As we are entering into a new year with a good holiday break, it might be a good time to reflect on all those initiatives you wanted to launch, but just couldn’t.

We tried to find out what can be the good resolutions for the marketers, to make to make sure they stay on …


6 social media marketing trends to watch in 2015

Social media was on a roll in 2014. Most of the prominent social networks showed impressive growth this year both in terms of number of users as well as active users.

Image Credit: Global Web Index

With the emergence of new social networks, opportunities to grow your business via social media are only getting bigger and better.

And to leverage this, social media marketers need to stand out in 2015.

How does one stand out in such a crowded space?

By doing things differently, by delivering an extra value, and by identifying what your audience will love before your competition …


15 best social networks for viral marketing in 2015

2014 has been a hyper active in terms of social media marketing. Seems like 2015 will be even more exciting.

92% marketers agree that social media has generated more exposure for their businesses this year. It has also become a primary source of data to understand customer behavior. This indicates that social media marketing is only going north.

Rise of new social networks

Facebook ruled the social media space for last couple of years. It had became go to place for small and large businesses to put their product and services in front of large targeted audience.

But Facebook’s growth has been stagnant …


The 7 Types of Visual Content That Multiply Reach of Your Content

We all love visual content. In fact, we love it so much that startups like Pinterest, Snapchat, Whatsapp & Instagram have reached billion dollar valuations faster than any other business in a whole man kind.

All of the above startups have one thing common: visual content. Each one is full of users who are sucker for visual content.

This wave has brought a great opportunity for content marketers and social media marketers to increase the reach of the content they create by creating relevant visual content. This was the reason we rolled up our sleeves and published popular posts: Continue Reading


58 places to promote your visual content for free

This  October, I was hired as a consultant to look after the content marketing efforts of Viraltag. I published my first post: 33 apps for creating stunning visual content

And then it was time to promote it. First 3 days I promoted it on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. The performance was dismal. 150 odd reads in first 3 days. Even the places I expected would bring some traffic didn’t fare well. I was worried. After all my job was at stake.

I had made a list of places to promote the post. So, after trying out the promising places …


Don’t take our word — Read these 8 success stories on visual content marketing

Last week, we published Marketer’s toolbox for creating amazing visual content, featuring 33  apps to easily create visual content like a graphic for a  blog post, infographics, memes, gifs and videos. The post has been a massive hit with more than 8k reads in the last 7 seven days.

You might ask: has such visual content been effective for businesses? and to what extent?

So, we decided to search for some proven examples of how businesses really used visual content. In this post, we have tried to feature some businesses who have used different forms of visual content effectively. Hope …


33 apps for creating stunning visual content

In 1895, John Deere launched the magazine The Furrow, providing information to farmers on how to be more profitable.

More than a hundred years later, the magazine is still in circulation, reaching 1.5 million readers in 40 countries. It was instrumental in the growth of Deere & Company founded by John Deere. This is one of the earliest examples of content marketing, at a time when the concept did not even exist.

Content Marketing has come a long way since then.

But there is one problem. Just like any marketing channel, as more and more marketers starts using it, content marketing will …