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Archives: July 2015

7 Apps to Create the Best Instagram Photo

Do you ever wonder why your photo on Instagram gets only 15 likes, when another brand posts the same photo and gets 1,000 likes?

Perhaps they used great hashtags to get discovered or already had a large following. But maybe their version of the same photo just looked better.

On Instagram your posts compete with the 70 million other photos shared every day. Making your photos stand out in that busy stream requires creativity.

A simple photo sharing app at its core, Instagram is all about engaging images. Adding a filter, an interesting texture, or a cool overlay can get you more …

How To Use Social Media To Plan the Best 4th of July Party

The Fourth of July is not only a historic day, but it is also a day to throw a fun-filled party with amazing fashion, games, food, cocktails, and of course, fireworks.

Planning this party can be quite difficult, as there are a lot of factors to worry about. However, social media is a great source for unique and interesting ideas for your celebration. At Viraltag, I help in creating consistent branding and imagery throughout our social media accounts. While doing this, I found that planning a party can be very similar to developing a social media strategy. It takes time, …